The Emerging Home of Expats from Different Parts of the World

Did you know that about 90 percent of Dubai’s population is composed of expatriates? This trivia is a shocker to many. You may ask why. There are various reasons as to why Dubai has become a magnet for people from different parts of the world, but basically many of these reasons a common denominator: it is better in Dubai.

Nobody can deny the fact that Dubai has become the epitome of the rise in economic power of the Middle East in the past several years. Dubai has invested a lot on infrastructures that it was able to successfully place itself in the world map. This UAE emirate, if you are not aware of, is the home of the tallest tower in the world today, Burj Khalifa, and the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj al Arab, and some of the world’s largest shopping malls. Dubai’s passion to create marvelous and sensational buildings and establishments is clearly off the charts in the past several years, and there is no sign that this emirate is planning to stop anytime soon.

Because of the emerging economy of Dubai, it is not surprising that it has become the go-to place for many expatriates. Majority of the expatriates’ population in Dubai is composed of Asians and other good portion is composed of people from western countries.

There are several common reasons why Dubai is flocked by people from different parts of the world, and these include the following:

There is a booming employment market – Since Dubai has a booming economy, many investors are starting to streamlining their businesses in the emirate, which result in better and healthier job market. The construction of commercial and corporate buildings alone result in thousands of job openings for construction workers. Construction workers are not the only ones that get good job opportunities in Dubai as businesses start to blossom in the city. Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and amusement and leisure parks are also hiring thousands of workers, making the job market even more expansive. While Dubai is in constant need of skilled workers, professionals are not discounted from the job market since many established businesses in the emirate are likewise on the hunt for qualified professionals.

Salary is higher – Workers from Asian countries are immigrating to this emirate because of the relatively high salary companies in Dubai offer. They leave their jobs in their home country and go to Dubai to acquire higher income. Dubai companies definitely pay higher than other Asian companies, which is why it is no-brainer why workers flock the emirate. Another factor is the absence of income tax in Dubai.

Everything you need is in Dubai – The great thing about the emirate is that virtually all the things you need are here. Luxury hotels, tourist destinations, international schools, international cuisine, job opportunities, and even organic makeup brands are in Dubai. You will not feel unwelcome because almost all the things you loved in your home country is in Dubai. This is certainly one of the main reasons why many foreigners have settled in Dubai.

Work-related purposes – Not all foreigners in Dubai are there for the long haul. They are just there for few months to years. These individuals are because they are either contractual workers or professionals working for short periods of time. Since many companies are establishing or expanding in Dubai, they need contractual workers or seasonal professionals who work on certain short-term projects.

You will surely feel at home when you decide to stay in Dubai for long. The sceneries are awe-inspiring, the people are friendly, the employment sector is healthy, the economy is booming. All the things you may need are here, be it be sports cars, extravagant vacation spots, world-class organic makeup brands, sophisticated fashion styles, and of course, an extensive community of expats.

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