LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 VS iPhone 8/7 plus

A couple of decades ago, no one had ever realized that in near future a land line telephone will turn into the mobile phone and an ordinary mobile phone will convert into the mini-computer and got the name of a smartphone. Now in this contemporary world, the smartphone has become a huge business industry and plenty of tech companies has introduced smartphones since last one decade and the industry is on their rise no time ever before. So, meanwhile, three big mighty tech giants are going to introduce their latest smartphones devices. Currently, the mighty LG is going to introduce its latest smartphone device G6, The Samsung is going to launch Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple is expecting to introduce iPhone 8 in upcoming few weeks.

Let’s do the comparison between all the upcoming latest devices of LG, Samsung and Apple’s.

Design: LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Apple’s iPhone 8

LG G6: Design

The LG g6 is expecting to have headphone jacks and it would be water proof and also without the home buttons. Rumors are on its way that its design would be modular and flagships will feature a rear glass having reflective metallic stuff. Sources also told that it will have the wide screen and small body and it will also have an iris scanner on its front side. It will have the sensor, particularly on its board.

The Samsung Galaxy S8: Design

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expecting to have headphones jack, the device will be waterproof, having slim bezels and it will not have a home button, according to the latest rumors we have heard about this particular tech giant. It will also have sensors on their board.

The Apple’s iPhone 8: Design

The Apple is going to remove the aluminum body and it will have the glass backed body. According to some sources, the iPhone 8 will launch 3 versions iPhone OLED model and two standards LCD devices having the size of 4.7, 5 (OLED) and 5.5 inches, stainless steel frame and in two sizes curved and bezel-free display.

Display: LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Apple’s iPhone 8

LG G6: Display

It is coming with the 5.7 inch Quad HD having LCD display, it also have the 2880*1440 Quad HD+ resolutions having pixel density of almost 564 ppm with the ultra-wide ratio of 18:9

The Samsung Galaxy S8: Display

It is expected that the S8 is coming with 5.7 inches curved display having with the 4k resolution and it also has the 5.7 Quad HD with LCD display and going to appear with the super AMOLED in near future.

The Apple’s iPhone 8:  Display

According to some authentic sources, it will appear with the OLED display in the current year of 2017 because Apple has signed with the Samsung for the productivity of OLED displays, therefore, the Apple will heavily rely on the Samsung for its display. OLED will also responsible for battery contrast ratio, the device will have sensors like touch ID and front facing camera embedded in the display and no home button ambient light sensors in the display.

 Camera: LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy VS S8  Apple’s iPhone 8

LG G6: Camera

Some of the sources also stated that the LG G6 is expecting to come with the dual rear camera having 12 megapixel Camera and also with combined iris scanner for both the front and back camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Camera:

The rumors are on their way that Samsung latest device S8 will appear with the dual rear camera with 12 megapixels and it will be combined with the iris scanner for the front and back camera.

Apple’s iPhone 8: Camera

iPhone is going to introduce the iPhone 8 with 12-megapixel camera/ 1.8 dual lenses and also with the 7-megapixel front camera. According to some sources, iPhone 8 would have 16 MP primary camera having upgraded the ISOCELL sensors to the next level. We also heard that it may have the Sony IMXXX sensors.

Hardware: LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Apple’s iPhone 8

LG G6: Hardware

The latest device of LG G6 is coming with the USB of type c and along with the wireless charger. But it is still unrevealed that what of a battery is going to introduce as their competitor Samsung has already revealed it.

The Samsung Galaxy S8: Hardware

The mighty Samsung Galaxy S8 is expecting to come with the Qualcomm snapdragon with the 835 chips and having with the 8896 processor. The S8 will also have the 4GB and 8GB ram along with the 64GB and 128GB MICRO SD. The S8 will have the battery power of 3000mAh up to 4200mAh but G6 has not revealed anything regarding the battery power.

Apple’s iPhone 8: Hardware

The mighty iPhone 8 is coming with the processor of Apple All, Quad core along with the storage of 32GB 128GB and 256GB. It RAM will be 3 GB RAM, protected with the Sapphire crystal glass oleophobic coating. It will also be water resist 1P68.

Software: LG G6vs Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Apple’s iPhone 8

LG G6: Software

According to some expected news, the LG G6 is coming with the Android nougat but is still a secret that what kind of feature the latest LG device will introduce to their consumers.

The Samsung Galaxy S8: Software

The Samsung is introducing the Android software as usual, but its features are still a mystery, but it’s been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy s8 will have its own personal assistant.

Apple’s iPhone 8: Software:

We all know that has its own operating system which is known as IOS.

Price: LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Apple’s iPhone 8

LG G6: Price

In last year the price of LG G5 was 500 hundred euros and it might for LG G6 more than the previous price of G5 because of better specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy S8: Price

The previous Samsung s7 has the price of £639, sources claim that it will charge their consumers at least £700.

Apple’s iPhone 8: Price

Sources said that the iPhone 8 will hand over their service within 11 hundred US dollars.


According to the last year, 2016 was a quite bad year for Apple’s smartphone devices and in the current year, it is relying on the Samsung. So, therefore, we can assume that having the high price and running with least amount of popularity among users the Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 8 might not get their previous appreciation from their consumers. But at the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its appealing devices and plenty of new features like Apple and LG have will win the heart of their consumers effectively.

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