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The New Feature Of Whatsapp

The most widely used mobile app Whatsapp has launched a new feature to boost up the opportunity. Now users can send documents over the phones through Whatsapp. Previously it was used as texting service between mobile phones, as it can be used by only using mobile data, so over 900 million users are active in this app worldwide. It only needs the internet connection.  Whatsapp is available for different Android sets, Blackberry and Iphones.

Apart from sending massages you can send latest photos or videos instantly in Whatsapp. A song or an audio can also be send by this app. It has several attractive features like “last seen” through which people can easily know when and at what time user was available in Whatsapp. Like Facebook, you can add a status too in it. For its huge usage benefits and popularity, Whatsapp launched this new feature through which now people can share important documents over phone. People can share their documents with an individual or a group. This latest feature is available for the user of 2.12.453 for Android and 2.12.4 for IOS.

As per as the latest report, through this document sending feature one can only send the PDF files which are stored in the phone locally and it will not support .xis or .doc documents.

This feature can be installed via Google play or the App store. Watsapp has launched so many new feature with this one but not for all users.

So now with sharing pictures and videos you can share documents too with your friends. What you have to do is, you just have to update it and later on for Android user, just tap on the attachment icon and click on the “Document” icon. For IOS users click on the arrow icon and press “Share Document” from the menu. You can share the documents from Google Drive and Dropbox too.

According to the report rival apps like we chat has already launched this document sharing app. So whatsapp don’t want to make their users disappointed and hoping the business organizations and people from different sectors will be helped with this much needed app. Office going people or even school children can send the important documents very easily. Today though Android users and IOS users can only send documents through this app but very soon it will be available for everyone and many people will be helped by this particular feature.

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