The One Thing That Doctors Eat When They Want To Lose Weight

The erroneous believe that losing weight is a matter of personal choice is wrong. The belief that healthy eating is for the sole purpose of looking great, well nourished, and the yardstick for determining successful living, without taking into consideration the health hazard posed by excessive fats/weight; is a dangerous precedent to human health and clinical decision making. Contrary to the misconstrued belief, losing weight is central to healthy living, even as eating healthy food is paramount to a much delightful living experience.

Top 4 Best Doctor’s Choice Of Losing Weights

Below are some things doctor’s eat and recommend for patients to address weight problem:

  1. Avocado Oil Benefits: Healthier than Coconut Oil?

When it comes to weight loss, the key is in diet—what are you taking in? Some of the foods recommended to patients by doctors for weight loss are extremely rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acid. These fats are known for lowering cholesterol, counter excessive weight gain, controls appetite, balance the blood sugar level, and actively reduces insulin resistance in the body chemistry. The types of foods that contain such healthy fats (Omega-3 & saturated fats) are coconut oil and avocados.

  1. Deliciously Refreshing Green Smoothies

Here is another doctor’s favorite food that’s currently working miracles in weight loss. It feels you up, increases your energy level, and carefully relegates your craving for salt and chocolate to the sea of forgetfulness. A Green Smoothie is a real deal when it comes to losing weight. Usually, I’m not the selective type—so, this could be a cup of green, fruit, banana, an avocado and I am set to hit the street. What about you?

  1. How to Make an Omelet – Omelette Recipe Tips

Another famous doctor’s choice (and also my choice) for weight loss is an Omelet. Just imagine that a single egg has about 7 gram of protein, which means that an Omelet may have a whopping 21 grams, subject to how many eggs you’re using, as well as the constituent amount of choline, B12, biotin and a healthy Omega-3 fat measuring up to 400mg.

The thing about eggs is that they are the perfect food provided by nature, and they only take some few minutes to add to an Omelet. Make sure you choose eggs that are raised domestically as they have a higher rate of healthy fats and nutrients than eggs raised in industries. You can tell the difference by the bright yellowish nature of the domestic raised egg compared to the pale yellow color of the industrially raised egg.

  1. Bitter Melon Benefits: How It Can Help Diabetes and More

Bitter melon (or Momordica Charantia) is a popular vegetable that is common as a food source to the people of China and India. It has lots of medicinal use which aid in weight loss. It is known to be rich in antioxidants,  phytonutrients, and also high in fiber, while assisting in boosting sound digestive health. Bitter melon is also renowned for its low level of calories and filling. The vegetable has the ability to stimulate the liver—a major detox organ. If your liver functions well, it increases your body’s ability to process fats and prevent them from storing right on your waist, hips and other critical areas of the body prone to excessive fats.

Although, as the name implies, this wonderful vegetable is extremely bitter, but you can still make the best of it by simply soaking it on chilled water for approximately 2-3 hours. After that, cook it to eat or simply eat it raw. It can also be taken in tea form by drinking, but make sure you seek your doctor’s advice before adding bitter melon to your diet routine.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

Now you’ve known the one thing that doctors eat when they want to lose weight. But if you wish to contribute to this topic or still need additional health tips and user recommendation; please, ask your questions and leave your comments below. Health is wealth.

I am Rajesh Kumar, an Indian blogger.

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