Tiger 3: Salman Khan And Katrina Kaif Shoot ‘The Most Expensive Romantic Song’; Touted To Be ‘Bigger And Catchier.’

The upcoming Salman Khan film Tiger 3 has been generating a lot of buzzes, and now we’re getting a new look into the making of the high-octane actioner. The makers have released a fresh update in which they shot one of the costliest romantic songs in Cappadocia, Turkey, for a total of three crores. Katrina Kaif will be shown improving her acting talents from the past two films, and it would be a pleasure to watch them onscreen together.


In St Petersburg, Russia, the Salman-Katrina duo has already recorded some magnificent action sequences. The song will be shot over five days and will appear near the conclusion of Tiger 3. Pritam composed the soundtrack for the film. If Tiger Zinda Hai’s Swag Se Swagat was the costliest song of 2017, this one is supposed to be much more expensive and the most expensive track in the series.


“Tiger 3 has been planned on a wider scale by producer Aditya Chopra and director Maneesh Sharma as the script needs Tiger (Salman) and Zoya (Katrina) to jump from one country to another, hunting the antagonist,” a trade source disclosed to Pinkvilla. However, the song now being filmed on Salman and Katrina, choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant and composed by Pritam, is one of the most romantic and expensive songs ever shot on them, with several breathtaking locations. Adi is not cutting any corners when it comes to the music. It’ll be grander and more memorable than Swag Se Karenge Sabka Swagat (shot in Greece) and will play at the end of the film.”


“Vaibhavi, who traveled in from Mumbai last week, has devised a unique hook move again and is practicing with her dancers,” the insider continued. The romantic song is estimated to have cost over five crore rupees to produce (approx). This time, Adi and Maneesh wanted the romantic number to be shot in Cappadocia because of its distinctive terrain and fairy-tale beauty, which includes underground cities, rock formations, cave houses, sunrise hot air balloon excursions, and many other stunning spots that all cost money.”


“It’s also the appropriate season to shoot, with colder weather and clear skies,” the source says. Salman and Katrina will undoubtedly be exhibiting their romance in some of these locales, which include the Rose Valley, Love Valley, Sword Valley, and Pasabag Valley, as well as the Uchisar and Cavusin Castles. They began filming the song the day before yesterday.”


With all of this great news, we can’t wait for the day when the film is eventually released, and we can see all of our hard work pay off.

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