Tips to keep in mind if you are outsourcing SEO services

No matter what field you’re working in, a higher SEO ranking doesn’t hurt. If you need extra help you can always resort to professionals. There are certain things that you should keep in mind if you decide to outsource SEO Services. Search Engine Optimization needs both – marketing knowledge as well as technical knowledge.

If you decide to hire a SEO Service provider you must keep the following things in mind –

1) Make it a point that you ask for references

Ask them about how long they have been working as a SEO service provider and what are the experiences of those who have worked with them. Ask them how many members are in their team, by doing so you’ll get an idea if they’ll be able to handle the job or not.

2) Search the Internet

Classic approaches like emails, written offers, calls, etc. do no harm. But if you search them on the internet you’ll get to see their ranking and also the kind of reviews different people and companies have left about them. You’ll get to know about their professional ability.

3) Check if they are following the basic guidelines

Check their website thoroughly. Are they following the basic guidelines? For example – Check if the title tags on every page of their website are different or not, if not; they aren’t even following the basic guidelines.

4) Check what all they have to offer

Does your service provider provide you with coaching and consulting? It is better to go for a provider who will offer you with much more things than just his services such as telephone coaching, onsite training for your employees, seminars, real time online support etc.

5) Does your service provider focus on ethical methods?

The company should emphasize of long term benefits rather than short term perquisites. You might want to go with a more affordable company but that is not always advisable as quality and proven experience is what matters the most. There is no company that can assure you guaranteed success or top rankings. If some company is assuring you that, you need to know that they aren’t professionals.

6) Reports and analysis are very important

If the company you are working with is a professional company they will propose to generate a detailed SEO report that will contain an analysis as well as recommendations. On the basis of this information will any SEO specialist be able to draw a strategy on how to improve your ranking. Also, do remember that it is extremely important that the company manually submits to directories and major search engines. They should also send you the confirmation once the submissions have been made.

If you do decide to go ahead with a SEO company you must keep in mind that they’ll be in charge of the success of your website. They will be able to do their best only if you let them apply their strategies. A professional SEO provider should be able to improve your website content and your web design that will help you fetch higher rankings. Not only will they create strategies to make internal and external links popular, they will also take care of page optimization which includes page tags, ALT tags, page title, meta description etc. They will make sure to submit your website manually to directories and search engines. They will keep a track of visitors and will provide statistics as well. They will try their best to avoid getting your website banned from major search engines.


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