Most impressive Google Apps to use in 2020

Google is literally everywhere. It was founded more than two decades ago in the year 1998 by two friends, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They both were Ph.D. Students at that time at Stanford University situated in California. The company, which started on 4th September 1998 is now amongst the big four technological companies in the world. Which was previously a dream, Google is now in such a  position which is a dream for others.

The tremendous growth of the company resulted in various products, several acquisitions, and multiple partnerships. Previously it was just a search engine (Google search), now it has multiple other variations including services which are designed for office work, email service, providing storage, video conference, and chat, translation of languages, navigating the system and maps, video sharing platform, editing and organizing pictures and many others. Google has now been not just a name. Almost every technological device we use already has pre-installed Google search engines and google apps.

The growing family of Google offers many apps that have various uses. Among those apps here are the top 10 Google Apps one must have and use:

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome was launched on 2nd September in the year 2008. It is now the most popular web browser. More than 60 percent of users prefer Google Chrome to browse different web pages. Initially, it could be used in Microsoft Windows but later it was ported and could be used in Android, MacOS, and others. Chrome now holds almost 68% of the browser share across the world. Chrome as a web browser was a huge success thus Google decided to expand this brand name to other variations of products which are:

  1. Chrome base
  2. Chromebook
  3. Chrome box
  4. Chrome bit
  5. Chrome cast

Advantages of using Google Chrome:

  • Provides speedy and easy to use browsing experience. It is much faster than other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others.
  • It provides a safe and secure browsing experience.
  • It is available in forty-seven languages!
  1. Google Drive

Launched 8 years ago, Google Drive now has over 1billion users. It was launched on 12th April 2012 by Google to allow its users to store various files, synchronize them across various devices, and share them. It provides free storage space up to 15 gigabytes for all the users. More space can be used by the user by paying money. Some of its features are:

  • The drive allows the user to share files such as images, documents, videos, etc., to other apps.
  • The Quick Access feature in Drive predicts the file which the user may need.
  • All files such as audios, videos, images, documents, pdf’s, etc., can easily be viewed when necessary.
  • Several files are stored in Google drive. It narrows the search as it divides the file types, thus it also provides quick access.
  • What is the use of storing files if they get lost or deleted? Google drive provides a backup option that saves the file securely for present and future use.
  • The files stored can be accessed from various devices like mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and others.
  • The files cannot be accessed from unauthorized devices, this ensures the maximum level of security.
  1. Google Pay

Google Pay was initially released as Android pays on 11th September 2015. Later it was re-launched as Google Pay on January 8, 2018. It has features of both Google Wallet and Android Pay. This online payment app allows users to transfer money easily to friends, family, retail shops, and many more. It even allows us to clear bills. Some advantages of using G-Pay are:

  • The transactions are directly made through the bank and after every transaction, notification is sent to the user.
  • There is always a factor of risk when people carry credit cards and debit cards. G-Pay can eliminate this risk. We can use it for transactions.
  • Only the user has the authority to access it because the app would not open without the matching fingerprint or correct passcode.


  1. Gmail

Created by Paul Buchheit, this app is a wonder! It provides fast and free mail service to its users. Sending and receiving mail is very important nowadays. Launched on April 1st, 2004, it now has over 1.5billion users. Some of its amazing features are as follows:

  • It provides 15 gigabits of storage space to all its users.
  • It provides a spam filter that removes all the unwanted emails that can fill up the inbox.
  • It is available in 105 languages, thus a user who is not comfortable in English can the language to whichever he wants to.
  • It provides the utmost security. All the mails received and sent are saved with security.


  1. Google Maps

Launched on February 8, 2005, Google map is a navigating app which is now used by over 1billion people every month. It helps to plan routes for traveling via foot, bicycle, motorcycle, car, train, and even air! Some features of Google map are:

  • It provides information about the present and future traffic.
  • One can never get lost when he/she has this app installed.
  • It provides a bird’s eye view image of a place because it uses satellites.
  • Before visiting a place we can always check out it and even the fastest method to visit it.
  • It is available in multiple languages.


  1. Google Earth

This computer program provides 3D images of possibly the entire earth by using satellite imagery. It was initially launched on 11th June 2001. It went through various modifications and changes. Now Google Earth has more than a 100million downloads. The program can be downloaded on various devices such as laptops, pcs, smartphones, tablets, etc. Some features are:

  • It provides search options. Any place, literally any place can be searched and viewed in Google Earth.
  • It has extra options such as the ability to zoom, tilt, and rotate the views.
  • Several tools are present, which can be used to create new data.
  • Available in various languages.


  1. Google Keep

This app is used to keep a track of notes. Launched on 20th  March 2013, it is praised for its speed, quality, and synchronization. Users can take down online notes without wasting data. It offers several features such as:

  • A variety of tools for taking complete notes can be used such as texts, lists, images, and audio.
  • Reminders can be set by users.
  • Voice recordings that are created by this app are automatically transcribed.
  • The user can undo and redo changes that were previously not possible.


  1. Google Docs

Released on 9th March 2006, Google docs lets us write more than just words. It is a word processor, serves as a part of the office suite which is a web-based software offered by Google. It can be used as a web application, mobile app, desktop application, etc. It helps the users to create, view, and edit required files. Some features which make this app outstanding area:

  • This app adds life to the documents with the help of smart editing and stylish tools. The tools help to edit the paragraphs, with hundreds of fonts, add links and image options.
  • A variety of designs are available which are pre-made thus this can make work a lot easier.
  • We can create fine documents anytime, anywhere with proper access.
  • The documents are automatically saved. These saved documents are sorted by time and date.


  1. Google Lens

This image recognition technology comes directly from the future.  This is not a very old app, it was launched on 4th October 2017. It is designed in such a way that it would provide relevant information about the object it recognizes. It has the following features:

  • Google lens scans and translates texts and words.
  • It identifies objects using visual analysis.


  1. Google Sky Maps

This app is truly a blessing for astronomy lovers. This planetarium software was launched on 27th August 2007. This app is totally different and unique from the others. It shows us different celestial bodies like stars, all the constellations, galaxies, planets, and the earth’s very own moon. This app has several features like:

  • The view can be easily zoomed in or out for a better experience.
  • The links can be shared.
  • The images can be easily printed.


Google is now a company that earns a gigantic amount of profit every single day. Google’s family is expanding day by day. It is trusted by billions of people worldwide. It is found almost in every part of the world. Most of the google apps are free. They are not just easy to use apps, they are top-rated too. But most importantly, they are verified and safe. The user’s information is kept safe. Google’s customer service is being available 24 hours a day and all-round the year. They not only serve in English, but also in various other regional languages. Over the past few years, Google has contributed a lot. If a person is not using the above mentioned Google apps, he/she is losing a lot of useful stuff which is fun and should be totalled using them.



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