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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Grenada

Grenada, located in the far southern region of Caribbean, is also known as ‘The Spice Island’. It’s all because the land of Grenada flaunts out the enticing crop of cloves, cinnamon, fragrant nutmeg, cocoa and vanilla in its fertile volcanic soil. The nation of Grenada is also abundant with the two other heart-throbbing islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, that’s are located in the northeast of the Midland. If you are willing to apply for the Grenada citizenship by investment, that’s simply an incredible move you are up to. Grenada has been highly admired by the tourists. Let’s check out the most fascinating spots of this beautiful region;

Grand Anse Beach

Looking to get the perfect sigh-of-relief while fronting the breath-taking sight of nature, this beach will surely feed that crave of yours. Cruise ship visitors are adorned by this 3 kilometer arc of golden sand alongside numerous boutique resorts and restaurants lying along its shores. Water depths range from clear turquoise in the shallows to deep cobalt blue.

In case, you feel like swimming, you get the perfect level of water for that as well. Visitors can also find the Grande Anse Craft and Spice Market nearby so that they can enjoy the true scenery of nature while getting done with the daily buying needs.

St. George’s

Whether you get Grenada citizenship by investment or not, make sure to visit the capital city of St. George’s as it’s amongst the prettiest port towns in the Caribbean. This beautiful city curves along a horseshoe-shaped harbor that is beautifully backed by volcanic hills. This incredible city is very much known of the yachters docking in the busy Carenage harbor. One fronts as sort of artistic glitch when sees the stone and brick buildings with red tiled roofs line the streets where locals sell crafts and spices.

Fort George is also amongst the main attractions in the city. This fort was mainly built by the French, most probably, in the early 18th Century. Must not miss to visit the Sendall Tunnel that’s also amongst the fascinating attractions of this town, it was built in 1895.

Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve

Grand Etang National Park is known to be an exquisite interior of this Island. In fact, its home to a rich diversity of animals and plants that offers incredible rewarding hikes and rainforest scenery. The Grand Etang Lake in this park happens to be the focal point. This park is full of amusements and great sceneries that one must try as tourists have always been admired with the versatility and uniqueness of this park.

Some hikes of this park include the Seven Sisters Falls hike, Shoreline Trail around the Grand Etang Lake, and the Mount Qua Qua Trail. Along the trails visitors spot numerous species of orchids, birds, and towering rainforest trees. If you are intending to discover unbelievable yet truest most spotting colors of nature, must visit this park as it has plethora to leave you spellbound for a while.

For sure, applying for the Grenada citizenship is no less than a lucrative deal. So just head on wisely and get closer to such an amazing place that’s highly abundant with true glitches of nature.


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