Unique and creative ways to design your work space

If you are a workaholic and spend hours in your cubicle and yet you miss home like anything, then it’s time that you decorate your work space well and give it a touch of your home or better a touch of your creativity that will remind you of your home and your creative vision as well. After all who likes monotonouscubicles, and seeing the same grey tone every day? This vision robs our energy and makes us feel dull and tired. However, dressing up your cubicle will actually help you feel good and make you more productive as well. A warm cup of your favourite latte will not decrease your monotony, but a nice work space can and this will make you fall in love with the place you are working in. Here are some tips for you that you can apply for turning your boring work space into a creative one.

  • Keep plants on your desk and see how the whole ambience changes totally. Plants will not only freshen up yourcubicle, but will also purify the air and will benefit your health in the process.
  • Make a photo collage of your family and loved ones or the people you really miss if you are staying awayfrom home. Keep that on your table because on worst days this will give you the ultimate strength to carry on with your work without getting heartbroken.
  • You can cut out the letters of your name froma chart paper or sand paper and decorate it with stuffs you like and hang it on your cubicle. This will make you feel more at home and will give some sense of power and this will make you work hardand more efficiently as well.
  • When you own your own office and take office space for rent in Bangalore, then do let your employees know that they can decorate their own cubicle without damaging the property and tell them not to scratch anything so that the next person who gets the cubicle gets a tidy one, which they can decorate as they want to.
  • If you want some lights, then you can add a nice and chic lamp or you can hang Christmas lights which will make your cubicle look festive even on ordinary days. You won’t feel any boring when you sit down at your cubicle and any long day won’t make you tired anymore. Just switch on the lights and get some instant energy that will drive you to work more hard.
  • You can layer things as in you can keep one or two of your favourite books that give you instant feel good feeling and keep a nice picture frame on top of it or keep one showpiece on top of it. Then you can add upto the décor and in a small cubicle you can save space by keeping your books and not letting them take any more space.

These are some of the best ways by which you can decorate your own little cubicle. Always keep some things that give you energy and positive vibes and make you feel powerful as well.


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