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Virat Kohli: The Hero Who Brought Success For Yesterday’s Match

Yesterday everyone turned their TV on with a hope India will win the match against Australia coming in the last four of the tournament. Virat Kohli played the lead role for yesterday’s match where he is the hero chasing 82 runs from 51 deliveries that showed his real talent. He even carried an injured Yuvraj Singh finally making the way to success. India won by 6 wickets where Finch got 43 runs from 32 balls and Pandya was able to crack 2 wickets from 36 balls that’s the success of Indian bowling.

During the 1st half Australian batsmen chased 50 runs from 22 balls that was really a threatening issue but Indian batsman Virat Kohli smashed them off chasing 32 runs from 11 balls in his partnership with M.S. Dhoni.

The Australian captain uttered the words “Pretty serious innings. We were in a pretty good position at one point, with India needing about two [runs] a ball. I thought 160 was about par on that wicket. But seriously unbelievable innings, under pressure, by Virat Kohli to get his team over the line.” According to Smith this was the best innings by Virat Kohli bringing the team on line and he even said “You just have to see the way he played tonight. He timed the chase to perfection, and he has done that so consistently in T20 cricket. I think he averages 60-odd chasing, which is quite remarkable. He times it really well and tonight was just another example of that. Hats off to him.”

Virat Kohli is the one and only person who showed effective consistency in T20 cricket that made India to achieve victory. T20 cricket doesn’t work on only powerplay but you also have to focus on orthodox cricket that was perfectly done by Virat Kohli. In this respet,

Indian captain M.S. Dhoni said “I think he’s a perfect example of that [orthodox cricket]. He plays good cricket shots and he has got quite incredible wrists that he is able to manipulate very well to hit the ball. It’s a great skill, particularly in this format. But yes, playing good cricket shots is the key, particularly in these grounds here in India. If you hit the gaps, the outfields are so fast, the ball generally goes to the boundary.” Overall, yesterday’s match was a heart throbbing one and Virat Kohli cannot be expressed ion mere words for his tremendous performance.

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