What is the Reason why Sunny Deol says ‘Border 2’ plans were shelved in 2015

The celebrated Bollywood actor Sunny Deal, made strong growth with the success of Gadar 2. Recently, he also shared insights during a candid conversation on The Ranveer Show. The spotlight was on the anticipated sequel to the 1997 blockbuster war movie Border.  

About border 2

Border movie was released in 1997, and ensemble the cast consists of Sunil Shetty, Jackie Shroff, Pooja Bhatt, Sudesh Barry, Akshaye Khanna, Tabu, and Sharbani Mukherjee, with senior stars like Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Raakhee, and Puneet issar.   JP Dutta directed The Border, which stands as the cinematic gem against the backdrop of Pakistani- Indo War 1971. It was considered the biggest blockbuster of that time.

Border 2 Plan was shelved.

Rumors have also been rife about a return to memorable characters after the huge success of the Gadar 2 movies. However, the actor was in a hurry to dispel all misunderstandings and clarify that he had not signed any projects officially yet. In a podcast hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia, Sunny Deal reveals that his plans for the Border 2 movie were set in motion back in the year 2015. The concepts made for this plan were shelved, and fans yearned for more.

He said that we plan to start it earlier in 2015. But then my movie flopped, so our team is scared to make it, he said. The flop movie is referred to from 2015 may become a romantic comedy ” I Love New Year, according to Hindustan Times. In that movie, Sunny deals work with Kangana Ranaut. It was shelved back in 2015 when his career was going through a bad phase and flopped later.

How does Sunny Deal emphasize the movie?

A lighthearted moment comes when the Host mentions the ongoing whispers about a sequel. Sunny Deal acknowledges Buzz and talks about the initial plan and film journey that they planned. It reflects on the evolution of narratives and characters in contemporary cinema, in which Sunny Deol expressed his role affinity that connects with the audience. He also tried to emphasize the importance of an engaging and justifiable storyline that will carry the beloved characters forward. The aspiration of the actor gives an enjoyable experience because it carries parallel with the excitement of fans in the Gadar 2 movie.

Delves in experience, sunny Deol put light on the phase when the movie seems to dwindle, despite the success of Gadar ek prem katha. However, with the sudden shift, he provided insights into the changing circumstances of the Hindi movie industry. The corporate advent in the movie business shows the transformative time and leads to shifts in different forms of industry, including production and project selection.


While talking about the border movie, Sunny Deal adds some words, like ” wo characters bade hi pyaare the. He said that whenever he sees any movie, he believes those characters need extensions. He wanted to do that movie again, but the story was also the same as that decade. It was like the story that attracted the audience and enjoyed them, as they get in my Gadar 2 movie, he said.

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