White Slipony – What To Wear And How To Care?

To create an image, footwear plays an important role. This is not only in terms of style, but also in terms of color. How you feel about it is still very important. Convenience and comfort – these are what all women desire in modern life. White Sipon has become one of the most popular models, because they literally meet women in fashion.

Female white slipper

Such footwear did not appear a decade ago. Originally they were designed for skateboarders, then, thanks to their features, they quickly gained popularity among young people. The last few seasons, white slip-ons for women will definitely become an issue. This is the color that gives the shoes a touch of common, presentable, romantic and luxury.

Demand supply production. So happened with the slip. Leaving the characteristic classical features (white thick single, closed top, absence of any fasteners), the designers managed to create many stunning models using different materials for knitting and decoration.

White slip on the platform

White slip-on on a thick single is perfect for changing weather and unexpected rain. They will protect your feet from getting wet, and the image will remain as stylish and elegant. The platform is usually preferred by lower level girls, as it adds a few centimeters and provides more softness to the legs. Perhaps, at first glance,

Some models will look a bit rude, but if you try, you will immediately see that they look very clean and stable

Openwork white slip

It’s hard to imagine anything more tender and romantic than a delicate fabric. Sewing shoes, designer stunning light, airy, when using it

Made beautiful models. White lace slips look extremely feminine and refined. They are perfect for a hot season. They can be worn with almost any type of clothing. They will be a nice addition to both the everyday image and the festive one.

White leather slip

Leather models are considered one of the most elegant. They can be made of natural material or eco leather. Recently, the second option has become more common due to its high quality index and a low price. In classical design, a matte surface is often used,

But it doesn’t have to be smooth. It can mimic or perform reptile skin. In the latter case, it is not only small round or square holes, but beautiful patterns. Black and white slips are the new trend of the season.

White cut rabbit


Designers do not stop to surprise fashion girls with their imagination. In the new season, they provided a very nice option: white slips with ears, which could resemble rabbits or neat cats. Sometimes, to emphasize more issues, fur welding is used. This footwear is very popular among young people. They are perfect,

Gives pictures of fragility and crocodiles. A charming couple can not be done with jeans, shorts, skirts.

White sleeves with a bow

For romantic and gentle nature, white with bow will slip on. Such decorative elements will give a pair of casual shoes of femininity and expressness. In most cases, it is made from the same material as the slip. This design remains integral, not pompous, due to

But effective. This model can be worn for a walk with a friend or a date. Properly combined with the rest of the wardrobe, they are perfect for a trip to the office.

Trendy white slip

In modern fashion, there is no more room for boring and faded outfits. Express your image. Women white skin slip will cope with this task by 100%. Thanks to them, simple jeans glass with a t-shirt will be achieved, a simple black dress will become a masterpiece,

And a business bow will have a complete and elegant look. These shoes will be a proper access between a pride and a treasure.

White Sipons Adidas

Quality brand shoes always stay in trend. Adidas follows fashion trends and provides top news to its customers. In the last collection all the favorite slips appeared. The conciseness of the design allows you to create different images with white slips not only in sports, but also in kazhual style they are characterized by:


Jumping textile top;

Elastic lid that fits feet firmly;

Soft woven coating;

Physical insole;

Rubberized shoes in the form of a traditional shell;

Label with logo;

Rubber unit

White cut Lacoste

White branded siphons from Lakost are in great demand. They are ideal for spring-summer period. They have an elastic insert for a textile top, rubber sole, comfortable socks. They are very soft and light. They are jeans, shorts,

Can be combined with thin dresses or sarees. It is an excellent option for everyday wear. Don’t get your feet tired of them.

White sips van

Among the creative models of the American brand there was a place for shoes of different colors. White Vance siphons are made of high quality wear-resistant textile, have a soft marginalization and a back,

Elastic side inserts and a proprietary “waffle” are the only additional decorative elements devoid of classical design timeless and fashionable. It will be relevant and suitable for women of any age.

What to wear with white slips?

Every girl wants to look perfect, so buy a novelty, ask: “What women wear white slips?”. Whatever intelligence is left, we will analyze everything by location:


1.The most common option is a combination with jeans and pants. But all the simplicity of tights must be considered, what all styles will not be seen harmoniously with slipons. Best model skinnie,

Pipes and narrow 7/8 color can be any, it is allowed the presence of decorative elements, abrasions and holes in fashionable nowadays.

2.The owner of thin legs is hard to resist, so as not to wear a mini skirt. In this case, it should not be too small, and the slips should be well selected on the platform. Can be modeled with printed clothing. Midi, too, is great for this type of shoe. Outfits can be from not only jerseys, but also silk, lace,

from such delicate fabrics as chiffon.

3.The simplest version is the white slip-on with a knitted dress. It can be loose cut or sewn. This is a fantastic casual everyday image. It is suitable for walking, shopping, studying. For girls ready for the test,

Stylists are not afraid to mix styles and keep a cocktail version or baby doll style slip. Such a set would be convenient and bright for a party or disc. Do not forget about the appropriate accessories. They will make the bow more stylish and memorable.

  1. On hot days, many prefer to wear shorts. They can be made of any material: jeans, leather, silk all these options are clearly combined with white slip. As the top of the team, choose t-shirts, t-shirts and trendy crop-tops. With monochrome shoes, you can wear not only monophonic, but also a colorful top with prints.
  2. When combined with a Danish complete, the same principle remains with trousers and below you can wear a T-shirt, shirt, sweetshot.
  3. If you need outerwear, then a jacket, jacket, oversize coat or a warm sweater suit. There should be no more questions with the rest of the clothing.

How to care for white siphon?

No footwear will last much longer if it is taken care of properly. Light shoes require a special approach. It looks luxurious, but you have to take care of it. So, let’s ask this question: “How to clean white vans?”:


When buying a leather model,

You should immediately purchase special equipment for white shoe care and follow the following simple rules:

Wax shoes, which protect from moisture and retain color;

Sponges and brushes should only be used for this pair;

Do not keep leather chips dirty for long periods of time after each walk, otherwise they will lose their original snow white color or stain.

Swimming cloth should be dried in warm dry water. It makes sense to do it yourself and brush well – washing machines will provide them unfit for quick use. Minor contaminants are best removed from dry shoes with a special brush. Do not dry shoes on the radiator. For quick results, insert the paper inside –

It absorbs moisture and speeds up the drying process.


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