Why More And More Women Are Opting For Wireless Bra

For the last two years, many of us did not or minimize going to work, travel, gatherings and parties. When it comes to dressing up at home, comfort is the key. This also means that just like high heels, underwire bras became somewhat unimportant in our lives.  It is safe to say that the only happy thing that came out of this housebound era is that most people prioritize comfort more than anything else.

As our social calendars are starting to get busy, we are seeing people again and for some of us, this means putting on a bra. Times are changing in the underwear world. Now, many are opting for wireless bras and comfortable underwear for women but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Wireless bras have been around for a long time, in the form of sports bras, bralettes and simply bras without any wires.  With the innovation in bra manufacturing technology, now wireless bras are more structured and comfortable. The wireless bras are like the sweatshirt of women’s underwear and are having their moment right now.

Benefits of Wireless Bra

Wearing wireless bras makes us feel like we have nothing on and can evoke a feeling of comfort. Below are some of the reasons why more women are opting for wireless bras.

Comfort – One of the best things about wireless bras is how soft and supportive it is.  You won’t even know that you are wearing a bra because there are no restrictions and pressure.

Offer Health Benefits – Wireless bras helps to improve blood flow and offer proper lymph fluid drainage along the breast bone and armpit. A tight bra or underwire bra may prevent and constrict the flow of lymph fluid. The soft cups of a wireless bra help the breasts to relax, facilitate the flow and also plays a part in preventing breast lumps.  Indirectly wearing a wireless bra often helps with detoxification and it offers great health benefits.

Natural-Looking – Wearing a wireless adjustable strap sports bra will let you look natural.  The body contours and curves will appear as they are and not over accentuate.

Versatility – A wireless bra is a perfect fit for every day activity including sports.  It offers maximum comfort and flexibility that is needed for activities like running or jumping.

Less Restrictive – Do you know that wearing a wireless bra can help to prevent the breasts from sagging? This is because this type of bras do not restrict natural movement. As a matter of fact, they allow the breasts to move more freely and give them the ‘workout’ they need. This can help with the muscles and tissues strengthening.

Less Restrictive

The best wireless bras that offer all the above can be found at Cosmolle, an online underwear retail store that offers a wide selection of supportive and comfortable wireless bras. Its range of seamless wireless bras feature innovative fitting cups that combine comfort and style.  Check them out below.

If you are looking for bra in pullover style instead of a clasp, then check out this Dusty Rose wireless bra.  Made with 3D printed technology and Collage Polyamide Yarn, it offers collagen and cooling effect. This bra is so comfortable that it can be worn all day and even sleep in it.

Best Wireless Bras

This V-neck soft bra is produced using the Japanese Drop Glue design instead of underwire process for a more comfortable support and fit.  Using seamless printing technology, this wireless bra is seamless underneath clothes and stays put.

V-Neck Soft Bra

This scoop neck sports bra is produced using innovative seamless printing technology and is incredibly supportive. It is lightweight, soft and gently hugs the breasts without cutting into the skin.

Neck Sports Bra


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