World’s Largest Alligator Hunted by Lightsey

A great incident that comes out viral today is the hunter who revealed that he shot an alligator weighing 800lb that’s 360Kgs. The fact is really unbelievable but this is the truth as divulged by BBC news. Lee Lightsey, a professional hunter with ample skills reveals that the 15ft that’s 4.5 m beast is the largest one he has ever seen in his entire life. Lightsey along with Blake Godwin, the hunting guide discovered the giant creature in the cattle pool. They were supervising a hunting campaign on Saturday when they came across to this incredible moment. They feel proud that they were able to hunt such a large alligator that challenges their hunting experience.

First, they found the alligator touching the surface almost at a distance of 20ft that’s 6m away where they were standing. They fixed their target then and shot it achieving ultimate success. In this regards, Mr. Lightsey said, “Although this animal is huge I was not that surprised it existed.”  He even said, “But always we kill them with the minimum of suffering without allowing them to be injured before they die.” They came across to lots of giant animals in their entire experience of 20 years but still those creatures were smaller than this one. They are too excited to handle the alligator successfully and they think that this is a really great achievement in their life.

The animal seeAlligators

med to be doing feasting on their cattle and they even found mutilated parts of bodies floating in the cattle pool. This clearly indicates that the monster needs to be disposed in order to save the firm. Mr. Lightsey organizes hunts for alligators, turkey and wild boars and the previous one they killed measured about 13ft in length. Hunters usually hunt for alligators measuring between 10 and 13ft and animals above 13ft are killed only once in a year to maintain ecological balance.

Lightsey is a person who started harvesting alligators in 1988 and he hunted about 5,000 alligators of height more than 1.5 m till now. He also made a plan where the meat would be served among the poor that would help people to survive well in the society. South Florida is considered as only one place where alligators and crocodiles share their habitat in ponds, lakes, swamps and rivers.

Lightsey, as a professional hunter charges an amount of $10,000 to hunt an alligator more than 13ft and $4,500 to hunt alligators between 10 and 12ft.

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