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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect T-shirt for your Physique

Take a look at this year’s met gala and you will realize that how drastically the fashion has changed over the years. Gone are the days when wearing something basic or classy was considered to be fashionable. Now a days, fashion is more about making bold statement with your looks, along with the complimentary accessories and with the perfect pair of footwear. Crazy slit gowns, wearable art, shimmer gowns, trench coat dress, etc. if you are doing it differently, it is fashion. Fashion has become a serious business with more and more innovations, time and money being invested in the design, layout for the final outcome. For almost everyone, it is all about standing out from the crowd. People should know that there is a fine line between looking disparate and desperate.

While the whole world is obsessed with the newest trends and wearing luxurious gowns and tuxedos, there is something that remains constant- T-shirts! Be it a formal or an informal occasion, one can never go wrong with t-shirts. Wear it with your favourite denims, or under a jacket, look effortlessly cool with t-shirts.

A t-shirt is a simple, staple and perhaps the most effortless top wear for all the men out there. Even though it hardly requires any but still you can go wrong with the t-shirts if the fitting is not up to the mark.

Read below to know what kind of t-shirt you should wear:

1) T-shirts are supposed to be casual, thus make sure that it fits your shoulders correctly and shouldn’t be loose or hanging from the ends.

2) The fitting of the t-shirt around the waist area is important too. If you are a fitness freak and wish to exhibit your abs, then wear a tight fitted one otherwise wearing a loose fitted t-shirt is a viable option. Go for a slightly loose t-shirt as it will make the structure of your body to look structured.

3) Unless it is for night-wear, never ever wear a long t-shirt. It not only looks shabby but makes you look short too. The length below the waist should be not more than 2 inches.

4) Not just the front, check out how your t-shirt looks from behind before making the final purchase. It shouldn’t be ill-fitted or make you look awkward from behind.

5) Most importantly, choose your t-shirt in accordance with the occasion:

  • V-neck: wear a V-neck t-shirt under a jacket or a coat. The color of the Men Casual T-shirts should be opposite in contrast with the jacket (or the coat)
  • Round neck: the round neck t-shirts are perfect for casual hangouts and perfect for parties. Just slide it over a matching bottom wear and you are ready to rock.
  • Collar-neck or polos: accentuate your look with a collared t-shirt or a polo by wearing it beneath a sweater. Quirk up your collar game or wear a daring sweater, step up the game boys!
  • Bold prints: this season is all about print and patterns. Go bold or go home. Wear printed t-shirts with shorts and loafers and you are all set to make a beach-y vibe, wherever you go!

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