2024 Ultimate Guide: MMI Interview Preparation

Becoming a physician is a dream of many medical aspirants. And to become a physician who treats the person, not the disease, is difficult.

It all starts with applying to medical school. The admission process of med school is different from other admission processes. 

Researching the best schools to apply to, writing multiple essays, and preparing for interviews are common challenges in getting into medical school.

When it comes to medical interviews, along with traditional ones, the MMI interview format is becoming popular among medical schools. Preparing for MMI interviews is crucial before applying for medical school.

Here, we will help you with tips for MMI interview preparation in 2024.

What is an MMI Interview?

MMI, also called Multiple Mini Interviews, was developed by McMaster University Medical School. It has been adopted by medical, dental, pharmacy and veterinary schools worldwide.

MMI is a series of short interview stations. Each station is independent. The essential purpose of this interview is to assess your situational aptitude and thought processes.

Can you Describe What an MMI interview Looks Like?

For example, each interview station takes 8 mins to complete. There are a total of 10 interview stations. It will take ten candidates be accessed on circuit 80 minutes to complete the MMI.

Tips To Prepare For MMI Interview

Calm Down

The MMI format looks frightening, but in reality, it is not. The Interviewers want you to be at ease. They want to see your authentic self. If you are relaxed during the interview, then it will be helpful for them to give you a fair evaluation.

All they are looking for is your passion to become a physician.

Respond, Not React

In an interview, it is better to take your time to respond than to react. First, take one deep breath, smile and then respond.

Get in the Shoes

To prepare for the MMI interview, getting in the shoes related to questions on any situation gives the best answer.

Be a Storyteller

Sometimes, the questions in MMI interviews are related to real-life scenarios.

For example, the question is about handling stress. Then, you can share your method of coping with stress. You can even refer to a situation where you managed stress.

Mock Interview

Getting into medical school was competing in 2022-2023, as 42% of medical school applicants were accepted into the program.

It is essential to get a glimpse of the actual interview in mock preparation. Medical school mock interviews are a great strategy to sharpen your strengths and weaknesses.

Common Interview Preparation Mistakes

Not Researching About Med School

One of the biggest mistakes is not researching the MMI interviews of various med schools. Well, research about medical school will help you answer the question,” Why do you want to study here?”

Not Counting First Impression

During the interview, showing an excellent first impression works.

You can show confidence while introducing yourself and shaking hands with the Interviewer.

Not Keeping up with Current Trends

In the Medical field, it is essential to know about the current topics related to it.

The Interviewer can ask some questions related to medicine, so prepare thoroughly.

Not Stating Examples

You can become a great physician if you communicate your ideas using examples. Most medical aspirants need to pay more attention to using examples in answering the questions.

Not Reviewing Your Application

Look at your application, as the Interviewer can ask about it. It can be about your hobbies, your story and many more.

Not Having a Reason For Being a Doctor

Most aspirants get pressured by the process of applying for medical school. They tend to forget about the reason for becoming a physician.

Having the sole reason for becoming a physician with you is important during the journey.


Preparing for medical school is a challenging path. The ultimate goal is to become a physician who treats the person with kindness and love. But, sometimes, an MMI interview can frighten you even in the preparation journey.

Most medical schools have started considering the MMI interview format as an alternative. To prepare for MMI interviews, you must relax, be responsive and show empathy while answering.

While preparing for interviews, know about the MMI interviews across different medical schools. Using real-life examples to show authenticity in interviews can be a game-changer.

Medical School is always looking for the reason for becoming a physician.

Are you ready to become a great physician?

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