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3 exceptional tips to buy tires in Dubai

Tires are a crucial component of a vehicle guaranteeing a safe and smooth journey. After all, they’re the only point of contact with the road. Even if your automobile boasts the strongest engine, superb braking mechanism along with the most advanced anti-skid system, all’s useless without a perfect set of wheels as the vehicle is at the mercy of tire’s grip.

So if a consumer has wheels that are under-inflated, environmentally inappropriate or worn, both the driver and his vehicle are at risk. It’s most unfortunate that many of us are unaware of making a worthy purchase especially with tires which in the long run affects budget and automobile’s performance. Have a look at the tips on “how to buy tires” that’ll surely help you out!

1. Understand the basics
In simpler term, thetire is just a flexible container of compressed air that supports vehicle’s load. The right pair ensures yours can propel forward, backwards, sideways and stops flawlessly. Modern-age tires are a combination of more or less 19 and 25 different elements.

They’re fabricated from the inside out rather than the other way around. The inner liner is theheart of every tire that gives the wheel its shape and holds the air within. Fabric belts are wrapped around this inner liner whereas the bead is fastened to the bottom, binding the tire to the wheel mechanism.

Steel belts are on the top that serves two major purposes;

  • They ensure the element of stability isn’t compromised and
  • Make the tread pattern as flat as possible

For every set, tire tread patterns differ and it’s the sidewall that gives the wheel its stiffness and riding characteristics. If the sidewall is taller and softer, it’s prone to more bumps and bruises whereas a shorter and stiffer sidewall ensures better cornering ability with sharp manoeuvres.

2. Choose the right pair
The biggest mistake a consumer usually make when replacing tires is choosing the wrong size. Upon referring to the code on the tire’s sidewalls, you can easily comprehend the size and capabilities. Check out a sample code given below for clarity;

P195/60R16 63H M+S

Here’s a breakdown of what each alphanumeric means;

  • “P” defines the type of tire
  • “195” is the width of the tread in millimetres
  • “60”is the sidewall’s aspect ratio against the width
  • “R”is for the Radial built
  • “16” is diameter of the rim in inches
  • “63”is the load rating of the tire
  • “H” is speed rating and,
  • “M+S” defines seasonal compatibility

Incase the tiresize code begins with LT; it refers to the tire specially designed for light weighted trucks such as pickups and SUVs. The speed ratings define the tire’s ability to dissipate heat and even prevent its build-up right from the start. The more the heat, faster the wear and in ultimately, thetire may collapse.

If you’re out to buy tires in Dubai specifically, make sure speed ratings are considered as the city’s already famous for its record-breaking temperatures. Tires usually boast speed ratings from 99 to 186 miles per hour whereas common ratings as gauged exceed the limit reaching 190 at times.

3. Know where to purchase
When it’s finally time to get a new set of wheels, drivers have lots of options at their disposal. The most expensive option is turning to the dealer however it guarantees the vehicle is fitted with genuine parts, even for a pair of tires.

On the contrary, you’ve local outlets that probably remain crowded but not all are registered. Consumers are therefore recommended to visit local automotive outlets that are government registered and recognised by some of the most prominent tire manufacturers from around the world.

While there’re many other considerable factors, the above three remains prominent when investing in quality tires for maximum vehicle performance.

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