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How to find a cheap car Rental Company?

 Whether you are seeking to arrange suitable means of transportation in your home country or you are standing in a foreign territory, you can always find a suitable and inexpensive rental firm to lease a car. Before you start searching a vendor offering discounts, identify your objectives. If you think that a compact will satisfy your needs, then there is no need to waste time to find a discount on fancy luxury vehicles. Don’t forget your primary aim is to arrange a suitable transport to reduce your dependency from public transport, instead of driving a super luxury auto after paying hefty rents.

Despite setting up clear objectives in your mind, you will come across with firms possessing expensive fleet. Here I am sharing few simple tips which will help you to spot out an inexpensive car rental.

Don’t limit you to choose among huge brands
If you are strictly considering big names of the industry with an aim to protect you from scams, then it’s time to change this rigid mindset. Nowadays a number of small and emerging setups are also working equally fine. Perhaps they don’t have large network and franchises, still, they possess a reasonable fleet of automobiles at reasonable prices.

Try to find some discount
Whether you are booking online or visiting rental office, don’t forget to check discount offers. Most of the vendors have such offers upon booking on special days and weekends. Coupon codes and credit card discounts are also given. Don’t proceed unless you confirm the booking method to avail discount. Be careful at this point as they give such discounts to customers who made direct bookings without involving dealers. Moreover, coupon codes can be found on websites compiling discount offers from cheap car rentals in Doha.

Don’t book a luxury car in first attempt
These firms usually stock a wide range of vehicles from compact, mid-sized and luxury. Among them all, their fleets usually carry the largest number of mid-sized automobiles. This doesn’t mean you should book for the same. Savvy customers always book a compact car, if the same is not available at the moment; they freely upgrade it to mid-size on the same price.

Check prices for the whole week

It has been observed booking on the weekend is always expensive as car hire firms are receiving a bulk of customers during weekend days. This significant rise in demand results in inflated rates. All you need to do is to carefully check the prices for the whole week and book prior to the weekend to avoid paying unnecessarily high prices. Suppose you need a vehicle for two days, there is no harm to book it for 3-4 days, especially if the price is reasonable.

Consider package offers
If you are travelling abroad, you will come to know that tour operators also have bundle offers that include everything from flight, accommodation and car option.  If you have a plan to drive on your own, there is no better way to save money. This will not only save your money but also save your time, which you will be spending to find a suitable car hire.

Use online comparison tools
There are aggregator sites, which compile deals from a number of service providers. This simplifies the selection process and facilitates you to save a good amount. When using such comparison tools, don’t ignore checking small brands, as they can give you 10% to 50% discount.

Consider joining loyalty reward program
In order to facilitate customers, reliable agencies offer royalty programs for regular customers. Their websites have a registration form for their users that allow free registration. Customers are asked to fill the form with the information about the kind of vehicle they usually prefer to drive. As they become registered users, they will be served on a priority basis.

Avoid renting at the airport
As soon as you come out in the airport lounge, you will find numerous car rental counters claiming to offer good deals. This can benefit those who are short of time. Practically it’s far more expensive as compared to offsite offices. Price is noticeably higher due to an addition of a mandatory airport fee. Prices often increase up to 10% to 30%. If you have time and have some idea about the agency offices located outside the airport facility then it’s better to walk around the city to save money.

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