4 Most Common Myths about Weight Loss

When you try to search and find ways to lose weight, you will come across many myths that will baffle you what to believe and what to avoid. Here I show you four of the most common myths about weight loss.

1 – I want to lose here and here, not here.

It is no use doing 500 crunches a day if you want to lose fat located in the abdomen. The body functions overall and not by sector, as you can come to believe. To do this, you need to increase energy expenditure of the body through comprehensive exercises involving higher caloric expenditure, move large muscle chains and a greater number of muscle groups.

2 – I have to train every day, at least one and a half hour per day.

It is absolutely not required. It should be the first or the second lesson when you walk into a fitness room, the body improves during rest, during recovery, in the office, in short, when you are not training. While training, you submit your body to physical and mental stress, which would apply a stimulus of greater or lesser intensity that alters natural homeostasis. It is when you walk out the door of the gym, when all you have done in the gym starts to matter. To this end, it is known as Invisible Training, whatever you do apparently and it is equally or even more important than the training itself, food, sleep, work, stress, recovery, etc. Everything matters, it all adds up in your weight loss process.

4 Most Common Myths about Weight Loss

3 – I just do aerobic exercise to be fit.

You know that the body has basic physical qualities i.e. stamina, strength, flexibility and speed, agility, flexibility, power, etc. of which may you not understand the term to be fit without implementing all them. The physical evolution of manto the highest level generally occurs between 20 and 35 years. From there, all these terms are lost in time naturally if you do not spend some time each week to curb such involution. We are creating for ourselves a person with mobility, strength and/or flexibility in the not too distant future.

4 Most Common Myths about Weight Loss

4 – To burn fat, I do 1 hour of low intensity cardio.

It is true that the exercise of low intensity and long duration, the body uses mainly oxygen and fats as the main energy and power, but during exercise of high intensity and short duration, where the body burns more calories and glucose despite being the main source of energy for these cases, ultimately making the impact on visceral subcutaneous fat tissue. It will be greater than in the work of long duration and low intensity, mainly because of all the metabolic and hormonal work behind it. This article is research by John Barban who is the author of Venus Factor

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