Malaika Arora and Arbazz Khan Decided to Negotiate: Giving Their Marriage A Second Chance

There is a buzz all around that finally Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has decided to patch up with her husband Arbazz Khan and thus giving another new chance to their marriage. However the news spread that the longest running in-love couple declared their separation of marriage by putting a statement that it is true that they are getting separated and this time will be a tough one for them and they need some space from others. It is also heard that, Malaika Arora was very ear to drop her husband and has lead the matter towards divorce. But according to recent media report, the Bollywood couple is planning to reconcile 18-years long marriage life and will move together soon mainly for the sake of their family.

The splitting up report between Malaika Arora and Arbazz Khan has created a shock and also has shaken their fans as well as news media. Although the exact reason for this separation is still unknown, but according to some speculations, Malaika was having a relation with a businessman from London, whereas Arbazz Khan was incapable of aiding in their son’s studies. However, so far nothing can be revealed clearly from the couple’s side and Malaika Arora has denied her affair. But it is seen that from the day of separation, the couple was ignoring each other whether it’s in some shooting set, or TV shows, etc.

Malaika Arora and Arbazz Khan Decided to Negotiate: Giving Their Marriage A Second Chance

When the problems between the couples started initiating and they declared separation somewhere in the month of January this year, Malaika possibly shifted out of her marital home in Bandra and started living with her son Arhaan in a separate apartment in Khar area. After that she consulted with a lawyer and suited a divorce. As it is found that, Malaika was very keenly interested in this separation but her husband Arbazz Khan always wanted her back in his life.

Meanwhile both the families were trying to solve the problem between this in-love couple and finally it became true. Arbazz Khan’s brother was playing the role of a mediator between this break-up couple and he talked to her sister-in-law for long and made her understood that separation of this 18 years long marriage was not at all a nice idea and also advise to sort out her problem with his brother. Moreover the reasonable as well as valuable advice of her sister Amrita Arora Ladak and her mother Joyce has made Malaika to concilate her separation with Arbazz Khan and finally Malaika has decided to give her marriage a second chance. As per the current report Malaika Arora will be shifting soon to the house that she had been living this 18 years long with her husband and son. In contrast, the couple’s mother Salma Khan’s health issues are also a concern for the family and therefore the separated couple is liking to sort out their problems and differences. But Salim Khan made no comment about the personal life of his children.

It seems that the lady luck is showering her blessings over the celebrity couple. If everything is fine then Malaika will return to Arbazz Khan in few days by giving their relationship a new fresh life. It is a wonderful news and a great relief for the Arbazz and Malaika’s fans.

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