5 Reasons why your car is better than your girlfriend

There are so many times that you think this is it, like you have finally after the long search found the one.You meet a girl and you think to yourself that she is the girl of your dreams, the girl you always wanted to be with. Right? But then time passes and you start feeling that maybe you were not all right about the girl but before you realise that. Guess what happens? She is already your girlfriend! Oops! And, now you’re in a committed relationship with her and have to do whatever she asks you do else what happens? You have to face her fury! And we all know that isn’t good in anyway. Damn.

Thinking about this, we are reminded of things in life better than love for your girlfriend. And what is that? Love for your Car. If you are one of those car enthusiasts who are obsessed with cars, then we feel you! There is perhaps nothing greater in life than the love for your own car! Whether it is a brand new Ferrari California or a Used Audi Q7 in Delhi, your car will always be there for you. Don’t believe us? Well, think about it once in your mind about the times you have been there for your girlfriend and she has not. Okay, now think about the times your car is there for you! The number is hard to count because its countless, right? Yes, that is exactly what we’re talking about.

If you’re still confused about what we are saying, then we think it’s time we ly down points for you explaining why your car is actually better than your girlfriend. Now it might sound absurd, but allow us to run you down the points first.

  1. Your Car makes your life easy: We all have to agree what a difficult time it was when cars were not there. We literally had to walk to reach places or probably take buses and all. Now lets compare it with your girlfriend, she will make you do things for her and definitely will not make your life easy. Agreed? We know.
  2. It will not cheat: Your car, whether it’s a new one or a Used Audi Q7 In Delhi will never ever cheat on you. So you don’t ever have to worry about coming home and finding out that your car has been cheating on you. What a wonderful feeling!
  3. It does not manipulate you: Your car is your love and whatever it is that it needs, it will tell you straight forward, whether it’s gas, petrol or anything else, it will never beat around the bush and come to the exact point.
  4. It will Sing for you: If your girlfriend is a singer and she sings for you, nothing like that. But if she doesn’t then again your car gets another point. Car-1, Girfriend- 0.
  5. It does not have mood swings: Your car will not suddenly call you up in the middle of the night and tell you that you are not good enough. On the other hand, you can go to your car whenever you feel like and it will never ever say no. Faithful, loyal and always ready to help, just how you like it.

So, by now, we feel you have believed us why your car is you one true love. Oh, and your car will also not mind if you get another car. If there is something we missed out on, do let us know.

I am Rajesh Kumar, an Indian blogger.

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