5 Trends that Shaped the Evolution in Marketing

A few years back, people considered marketing limited to billboards and TV advertisements. However, the advent of cell phones, the internet, social media, and their widespread acceptance in the general public has fueled up an entire industry. It has further revolutionized traditional marketing strategies as such devices enable users to interact with each other.

The developments further helped marketers switch to the online world to attract the target audience while ensuring time and cost-efficiency. These developments resulted in coining the term “digital marketing,” which is far more effective and necessary than traditional mediums like television and print media. Undoubtedly, the field of marketing has witnessed several key trends during the past few years that resulted in its evolution.

The following article discusses five of the major milestones in the marketing industry that lead to its evolution.

  1. SEO awareness

The wide-scale use of search engines at different instances has significantly improved the importance of search rankings. It is one of the renowned best practices of the industry that improves your website’s ranking. People acknowledge it as a proven marketing tactic. Notably, SEO, with its excellent features like technical SEO, on page and off page SEO, results in creating your brand’s visibility. It further attracts organic traffic to your business and provides effective opportunities for business growth.

The positive effects of SEO certainly contributed a lot to the marketing industry. It made businesses aware of an entirely new medium of discreet marketing to generate additional revenue.

  1. Social Media Marketing

The introduction of social media platforms serves as a critical point in the marketing revolution. We can deduce such an assumption considering the spike in the statistics related to the total number of social media users worldwide. As with an increase of more than 300% in the audiences, social media is now the most utilized marketing platform. Such an increase resulted in turning marketers to showcase their products through various social media platforms.

Moreover, social sites have enabled global marketers to control and manage their promotional and other campaigns effectively. This addition of a controlling feature for targeted marketing shook the entire industry. It provides marketers a chance to use their resources effectively while saving their time and cost. Today, more and more people prefer sharing content such as videos, infographics, blogs, podcasts, etc., that is relevant to their interests and preferences. It has further made it easy for marketers to interact with their potential customers to gain the required feedback.

  1. High dependency on Search Engines

Global technological giants like Google have thrived on humans ‘thirst for knowledge. Thus, its success is bound with its search engine and its incorporation into the masses’ daily lives. The use of search engines has proved to be more than just a trend. Today, people even use search engines to extract information that could assist them in making certain decisions such as purchasing a product, choosing the best services through online reviews, etc.

The increased usage of such a medium makes it the perfect place to market your products. It allows you to display your goods and services to people who might actively be looking for a similar one. It consequently increases your return on investment for such advertisements. In addition, search engine marketing has taken a considerable charge in the marketing industry -as more and more people are opting it as a full-time career. The effective creation and management of SEM campaigns and pay-per-click promotions mark a new era in the global market.

  1. Utilizing Analytics

We are certainly in an age of data, as the availability and use of data dictate most of the current world’s business practices. It would not be wrong to say that businesses ‘marketing approaches have entirely changed since the data revolution. The means of online interaction with global customers opens up a great possibility of carrying out effective marketing. It has further enabled marketers to devise their marketing campaigns based on the demographics of their target customers. Similarly, strategizing campaigns and making changes to the marketing campaigns based on real-time data is crucial today.

  1. Strategizing Content Creation and Distribution

Previously, the task of generating content for marketing predominantly revolved around the general behavior of a population. Although, such means of marketing often lose their specific appeal to each individual. Yet, one may justify the content based on the broadcasting mediums of promotion used earlier. The dawn of the online industry has lead marketers to draft specific and relevant content for their campaigns. Similarly, online platforms require a detailed content distribution strategy to attract the target audience available on each platform.


The marketing industry has evolved through a drastic rise in the increase in use of mainstream technology. Hence, one may consider the wide-scale use of the internet and online platforms as a catalyst for this change.

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