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7 Great Travel Destinations For Introverts: Where To Go To Avoid People

Do you think that introverts are alienated homebodies? This is a common misconception! Such people are not against travel at all! But the best directions for introverts differ from the routes of extroverts. Introverts don’t like to have fun in nightclubs, lie in the sun on crowded beaches and take part in crowded excursions. Instead, they want to enjoy the peace and merge with nature. If you are an introvert, then here are the best solo introvert travel destinations for you, collected by

  1.      Finland

Finland is a country far from Central Europe with a less favorable climate. Therefore, it has fewer tourists than its neighbors. Local people appreciate the silence, safety, preserve nature. So, Finland is one of the best destinations for introverts. In summer and autumn, you can enjoy hiking in the woods or fishing, and in winter – skiing, skating and going to the northernmost part of the country – Lapland, where Santa Claus lives.

  1.      New Zealand

New Zealand is often associated with excellent extrovert tours for extreme sports that are well-developed here. But, perhaps, introverts don’t need such adrenaline. But this is also a perfect place for introverts because there are delightful nature parks and you can choose individual tours. And what a beautiful photo session can be taken in this blessed corner of the planet!

  1.      Peru

Where should an introvert travel? Of course, to Peru. This is a favorite tourist destination for many introverts. And what could be better than making a trip to the mountains and the legendary Machu Picchu? And the Andes or Andean Mountains are the embodiment of peace, a source of inspiration and a great place for meditation. If you are a seasoned climber, this is a plus: then you will have the opportunity to make a trip to the reserved routes. In the Andes, it is easy to observe the starry sky. Magnificent nature, deer, llamas, and ancient monuments – that’s what Peru is.


  1.   Copenhagen

One of the best introvert travel ideas is to go to Copenhagen. Tourists, who have decided to travel alone and have developed their own routes, adore the Danish capital. A friendly atmosphere, an abundance of cyclists, cozy cafes where you can sit with a good book, the Botanical Garden, the Royal Garden, Tivoli Gardens – all this will be very pleasant for introverts. And don’t forget about castles, a planetarium, a picturesque harbor and colorful houses lined up along the embankment.

  1.      Pontresina

Some introverts don’t imagine their lives without mountain skis. There is a quiet place for them – a resort in Switzerland – Pontresina. It is conveniently “integrated” into the Alps mountain range and remains a paradise for those who don’t like noise and glamour tourists. If you are a passionate skier, then it is better to come here in winter. And other travelers will get a lot of pleasure from contemplating wildflowers in alpine meadows that are everywhere.

  1.      Bhutan

For many years, the Kingdom of Bhutan wasn’t considered a tourist destination. This sphere is making its first steps. Therefore, in Bhutan, you will not see crowds of visitors who have long overrun Thailand and other South-Eastern states. Bhutan is a mysterious land that hasn’t been discovered for a very long time. It is a place of mountains, charming forests of the Himalayan range, and Buddhist temples in which you can find solace.

  1.      Laos

Another South-East Asian country is Laos. Restaurants are not overcrowded here and no one bothers you at markets with the most delicious gifts of the land. And, of course, the nature of Laos is excellent!

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