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A New Entry to Smartphone Games: Nintendo expects More Profits

After a long wait finally Japanese videogame maker decided to enter into the Smartphone games as the company is thinking that they would be able to make twice profit at the end of business year. But their dedicated game consoles’ sales rate will suffer little bit. As on Wednesday, Nintendo Co Ltd said that they will be releasing more smartphone games and next-generation games very soon as well as are expecting a profit rise to 3.6 percent at the end of March 2017.

A per the announcement made on February, when the earning graph was a straight line but now Nintendo has estimated that their profit will increase from 32.9 billion yen to 45 billion yen ($404.9 million).

For long time Nintendo was rejecting calls from the investors telling the company to shift from traditional consoles to free-to-download smartphone games and finally company changed its mind to on these games as they will be getting a gameapp partnership with DeNA in March. Nintendo also said on Thursday that they will also launch theme parks after linking up with Universal Parks and Resorts.

A New Entry to Smartphone Games: Nintendo expects More Profits

Investors and fans were waiting long for the launch of some bestselling games like Super Mario Bros but Nintendo launched its first mobile app, Miitomo which is a social networking applications.

The game making company also committed to release four new games at the end of this financial year. While discussing about the company’s profits and sales on Wednesday, Tatsumi Kimishima, president of Nintendo Co Ltd also promised that Nintendo will launch minimum two games by the end of this autumn.

Tatsumi Kimishima also said that the company will soon release their new game console worldwide in March 2017. Being one of the competitors in the game-making business, Nintendo briefed some details about their new console on behalf of its codename, NX.

Although the earnings from Nintendo’s new prospect, Wii U, has proved to be a threat for Sony Corp’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Corp’s Xbox 360 but the sudden increase of smartphone games is descending the customers. As from 3.26 million units in last year Wii U sales has reduced to 80,000 unit by the end of this March therefore Nintendo is quite worried about this matter and the president commented that the company is thinking to terminate the production of Wii U console by the end of March 2018.

Though the console sales are quite low, but according to 20 analysts’ data of Thomson Reuters, this Japanese videogame making company will be operating profit roughly double to 50 billion yen in the next March, average of 39 billion yen.

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