A Review Of Thalaivii: Kangana Ranaut Nails As J Jayalalitha, But She Lacks Amma’s Emotional Touch

Starring: Kangana Ranaut, Samuthikarani, Arvind Swami, and Jisshu Sengupta, Raj Arjun, Jisshu Sengupta, Nassar, Bhagyashree,

Directed by – AL Vijay

The Story:

Kangana Ranaut plays Jayalalithaa, a politician-turned-actor. The film chronicles the events that led to her being appointed as chief minister of Tamil Nadu and her relationship with G Ramachandran, played by Arvind Swami and AL Vijay.

Bollywood biopic are rarely well done, no matter what they contain or how they are written or filmed. Adding Thalaivi to the mix does not affect the situation at all. Jayalalithaa’s life is explored from different perspectives, trying to create a coherent narrative, but it is full of nuances. It tries but fails to find a plank on which to balance as it wobbles around aimlessly.

 Despite the challenges, AL Vijay took to depict the life of Jayalalithaa.

Keeping a neutral stance towards J Jayalalitha is difficult. Her performances in all of her endeavors had dramatic cinematic moments in addition to her devout devotion to Tamil Nadu. The director AL Vijay wanted to retell the life of Amma, a legendary and indomitable figure in her time, whom everyone adored. Thalaivii promised to give us a good picture of Jaya, exploring all facets of her life. Still, Kangana Ranaut as J Jayalalithaa and Arvind Swami as MG Ramachandran made it challenging to take. As well as the first two aspects of Jayalalitha’s life being depicted masterfully by the award-winning national actress, the makers of Thalaivii missed showing the beloved Amma.


Her character is a cumbersome newcomer who is charmed by MGR at the beginning of the film. The plot is one of hiding and revealing. There can be no doubt about Jayalalithaa’s love for MGR. Although she feels repaid for her love of romance by her mentor and co-actor, Jayalalithaa herself has no romantic feelings for them. A self-created obstacle, however, prevents the film from succeeding.

  • Love is the film’s central theme, but it is depicted spot-on and strictly chaste.
  • A pure aura surrounds the two great personalities of Tamil Nadu politics.

The second half sees Ranaut play an assertive future state chief minister as the giggly superstar becomes an aged heroine. In a manner that is neither subtle nor understated, the actress transforms into a fierce feminist fighter.

Likewise, she demonstrates her ability here as well. The actress seamlessly transforms herself into her aging persona on the train as she covers the life of Jaya. However, this is limited by the plot that defines her. There isn’t enough impact in her dialogue as it becomes preachy and melodramatic. Neither do songs. Their forgetfulness is easy to explain.

The inefficiency of the movie

  • Thalaivii’s Jaya lacks a feminine vision, explaining why we don’t feel empathetic towards her.
  • The film is liked more when it explores the whispers that seem to go around when a female superstar steps inside a male-dominated environment. But, unfortunately, it is still only verbal to bring Jayalalithaa’s trial to light.

Vijay Kumar directed the movie and Vijayendra Prasad, Madhan Karky (Tamil), and Rajat Arora (Hindi) wrote this thriller. Still, it is argued that female cast members, the film could have had a completely different dynamic.


The supporting cast of Thalaivii provides the film with its strength. The performances of Nassar as M Karunanidhi and Raj Arjun as R M Veerappan balance the story better. On the screen, Vijay also inserted some real stories from Jayalalithaa’s life. Many of Jayalalitha’s classic pictures, like her driving the car, standing next to MGR’s mortal remains, or being seen walking with Rajeev Gandhi, are beautifully portrayed. Real-life seems to be mirrored in them.

As a result, replicas won’t suffice for now, when Bollywood is awash with biopics. There’s a recent film in every genre you can think of, from sports dramas to military dramas to films about eccentric record holders. Unfortunately, it does not make the impact we expected from Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivii on this long list.

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