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Add Interest In Your Store By Using different Types And Styles Of Mannequins

Mannequins are essential marketing tools in the retail industry. They come in a plethora of colors, styles and sizes. This is why it is difficult for the retailers to choose the best one that suits their displaying needs. Everyone wants to attract more customers by adding more interest to the store. In this way, retailers likely to choose the type and style of a mannequin that can create a more realistic display or look. A perfect style and type of mannequin depicts a true picture of the product and attracts customers to the store. Realistic, headless and abstract mannequins are very common and widely used in the retail industry. Here are some other popular types and styles of a mannequin. This information will help retailers to choose a right type and style of a mannequin.

Mannequin Types By Functionality

Dress Forms

Dress forms or mannequins are the professional tools for the designers and retailers. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and forms. They have special features and help designers or dressmakers to display their apparels in the best possible manner. The magnetic shoulders, adjustable height, rolling base and suspended bodies are the significant features of body forms.

Flexible Mannequin

Flexible or adjustable mannequins are popular these days because of their special features and body forms. They can be made up of plastic and fiberglass. An adjustable mannequin is the most preferred choice of the business owners because they have flexible bodies, detailed facial features and even makeup. They look more realistic and give a lifelike look to display. They have movable shoulder, elbow and knee joints, so they can be set into any pose or move into any position.

Torso Mannequin

Torso mannequins are the cost effective, easy to transport and handle. They usually made of hard plastic and these are widely available. They are also the building blocks or can be molded into a full body mannequin by adding arms and legs.

Mannequin Style By Color

Black Mannequins

These are generally abstract having a gloss or matte finish. They look classic and contemporary and create a fantastic display in any store. They are widely used in the high-end retail stores. They add a touch of elegance and more interest in the product and store as well.

Gold Mannequins

The bright gold mannequins create a fantastic display and give a dramatic look to the products. They are eye catching and give a chic look to a store window display. These are also abstract mannequin having facial features.

Chrome Mannequins

Chrome mannequins are made of fiberglass and they look stunning in any shop or retail store. They look shiny due to chrome finishing and create attracting and graceful display. No matter where they placed or positioned in a store, they look super shiny and grab the attention of customers. They come in both genders, torsos, and abstract mannequins.

Colored Mannequins

Mannequins come in different colors. Some retailers and designers go for the custom color mannequins to create an impressive store display. The custom made mannequins are expensive, but they look gorgeous and unique.

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