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All’s Well That Ends Well

Amit, who was a resident of Lucknow and a bright student of Computer Science Engineering in NIT Rourkela used to live in the college hostel during the first year of engineering. He felt extremely disturbed in the hostel due to all the hulla-boo of the other boys over there. Hence he shifted to a flat outside college campus for isolation and peace. He felt really relaxed after moving out and started to focus more on his engineering subjects.

He got excellent grades throughout engineering and was finally placed in a renowned MNC in Pune. He was extremely happy and at the same time a little worried about relocation to Pune as he had purchased almost everything of domestic use within last three years of staying outside the hostel. Some of his things included, bike, gym equipments, a cupboard, his books, kitchen items, sofa set, tables, chairs, etc.

He consulted about packers and movers Rourkela services from some of his seniors and came to know about APM India Relocations Pvt. Ltd. He opened its website and was really impressed upon seeing their website as it looked very interactive and user friendly. He was convinced to take their support and finally decided to make a call to them. He dialed the number that was given in the website and an appointment on the same day was fixed and was treated with warm regards.

A representative from APM India Relocations Pvt. Ltd. arrived at Amit’s flat at the before discussed time. He went across the flat, saw all the things that were required to be moved and quoted an amount to Amit and to anyone’s surprise Amit was shocked with the charge as it was extremely fair, genuine and transparent. He was overwhelmed with that gesture and almost instantly finalized the deal.

A day before the actual relocation, a team from APM arrived at Amit’s home, inspected all the items to be shipped, packed everything with total care to make sure that the possible jerks that may be faced during the journey will not affect or damage anything, not even slightly, and kept them in the hall, all at one place.

The next morning a truck came to a halt at the doors of Amit’s house. He was surprised after he saw the truck. The truck seemed to have come out from some Hollywood movie, it looked extremely new and one could have easily imagined the comfort that it would provide. So he was assured that his belongings will reach Pune in the same condition as they were being loaded inside the truck. The truck started, Amit wished happy journey to the APM team, and they replied the same and raced away towards the highway. Next morning Amit took a flight from Bhubaneswar to Pune and reached before the truck. It took almost 26 hours for the truck to reach Pune. He welcomed the truck crew to Pune, things were unloaded and were found totally fine. He thanked APM for the support and bid a see off to the truck and the members.

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