Another Google Search Ranking latest Update – 8th Day

There appears to be a well-known SEO group chatter. Most of the monitoring tools present massive volatility in the Google search results in the past 24-hours.It only comes a day or two after Google has confirmed the core update in December 2020 and the 8th day of Chanukah. I think 8th day is the right name a band or something, so why not update it to Google? Ok, in all seriousness, right after It is strange to see a major core update officially rolled out. Significant fluctuations Google may have decided to put a line not a tremendous update overlap in the sand and with an update.

Before, Google coincided with significant updates, often more than three major updates in the same week. And for SEOs and site managers, it makes it difficult to know what’s going on. What’s going on then? I doubt that Google will talk about this release, the 8th Day update, but I doubt it’s the critical update. Google will not confirm the rolling out was continue and then make it proceed to roll out. Maybe it’s some kind of update, or perhaps it’s a tweak to the core update? I don’t remember. It may also be associated with alleged, but not proven, indexing problems with Google.

A 76% drop in USA traffic this morning by 10am! That includes a 49% drop in visits to my home page and a 36% drop in searches overall. Every day a new rotation of which pages drop through the floor. Lately it’s been my home page that has gotten hammered, while traffic to lower level pages seems to have improved. Anyone else seeing this?

Seeing indexing issues again. Console says ‘URL is on Google’ but it’s not.

I am also seeing issues with indexing.

Seems there’s a lot more change today following this December core update.

Traffic is down and Semrush is reporting movements. Not good

Is Google December 2020 Core Update Really Over? I don’t think so. My traffic started dropping after 16th December. Semrush meter showing 8.4 out of 10.

I don’t think it’s over. My traffic also started dropping on 16th.

I’m still losing position of keywords on my affected site.

Yet another huge spike in Semrush Sensor. Is the update really over? What is Google upto now?


There are also comments on this blog about the changes:

Same, massive movements today. Not seen changes like this since the unofficial June update.

Here are the tracking tools, some are not yet updated this morning but I will update later throughout the day.


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Cognitive SEO:

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Advanced Web Rankings:

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