Ayurveda: Essential Facts About Ayurvedic Medicine

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the science of life. It deals with the health of the human body and also cures many diseases to date. It is a complete living style, not only medicine which people take temporarily. It deals with the disorders and covers all the aspects of life, such as philosophy, arts, science, the health of humans, etc., with the balance of the human body and the human mind.

Ayurveda is an effective and tested treatment for many health problems; it is safe to cure Ayurveda’s diseases. It deals with the human body’s chronic diseases, disorders of lifestyles, metabolic rate disorders, and many others. Nowadays, it is also easier to order your Ayurvedic medicine via an online Ayurvedic medicine store. Many people have used Ayurveda Imbalanced for its benefits for humankind.

Branches of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is divided into eight branches. It believes that Ayurveda treats different diseases of different body parts. These branches deal with psychiatry, medicine for internal disorders, eye disease, ear, nose, throat, and head pain.

The list of the eight branches are below:

  1. Kayachikitsa – Medicine for Internal diseases.
  2. Shalya chikitsa – Used for surgery purposes.

iii. Bala chikitsa – Pediatrics, treatment for the conditions of children.

  1. Graha chikitsa – Used for Psychiatry purposes
  2. Urdhvanga chikitsa – Used to treat eye infection, ear infection, nose, throat, and head.
  3. Damstra chikitsa – Also used for chemical purposes.

vii. Jara chikitsa – The concept of aging.

viii. Vrishya chikitsa – A substance to increase sexual desire.

Principle of Ayurveda?

There are three energies in our body, known as Vata, pitta, and Kapha. The first energy known as Vata is the energy about the movement that controls our body functions. Motion and blood circulation are mainly the most vital energy in the human body. The second type of energy is known as the energy of digestion, which helps in metabolism.

It controls the body parts by controlling the metabolic rate of human body systems, such as the digestion process that absorbs various nutrients, the human body’s temperature, etc. Last but not least, the third energy is about the body’s growth.

It helps in the water supply of all the parts of the body, it helps with the balance of water and gives proper moisturizer needed by human skin. Even though Ayurveda drugs have well-collected works, it lacks scientific data that supports its properties and effectiveness. Scientific research is necessary to find the importance of herbal medicines.

Diagnosis and treatment through Ayurveda

The treatment through Ayurveda consists of herbs taken as remedies for the treatment of various diseases. The Ayurvedic physician knows which herbs to use for which purpose. The physician knows how to make different kinds of medicines to treat multiple diseases. Diagnosis consists of inspecting the bowel sounds and observing the patients’ temperature and tongue.

The physician can also check pulse to cure the disease. If the three doshas are seen as imbalanced, then treatment is done immediately. It also emphasizes the body of human beings, its stability, and the improvement of human lifestyle. If a person is taking drugs, it is recommendable to take Ayurvedic medicines to cure its effect.

Some of the diseases that are mostly known as cured by medical science are also fixed by Ayurvedic medicines such as cancer treatment and brain diseases. Ayurveda also cures some infectious diseases. Once you have seen a doctor, you may order your medications; online Ayurvedic medicine stores help, you don’t need to move around to get the required drugs.

Even Ayurveda is the oldest traditional medicine to date. Many Western countries, even the underdeveloped countries, avoid Ayurvedic drugs and are more dependent on western medication to treat diseases.


India is rich in the Ayurvedic medical treatment of diseases, having a lot of knowledge about Ayurvedic medicines. Now in this time, the treatment of diseases with Ayurveda is again in the present global market. Ayurveda and most of the other traditional medications may help and combat modern drugs for various conditions.

Herbal treatment is also in the worldwide market. Many of the products present in the western market has Ayurveda has written on it. People consider them safe and more effective with no harm in it, as most Western medicines have harmful chemicals present in it. There is a lot of scope for the traditional medical systems, such as the Ayurvedic medical system.

Ayurvedic medicine meets the guidelines provided by WHO to help in curing various diseases. Also, it passes the standardization, which includes packaging, quantity, and the quality of medicines. Herbal medicines are usually measured as safer drugs compared to fake medicines. Ayurvedic medical treatment never goes out of range. It’s the most reliable and safe treatment of various human diseases.



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