Basic Guidelines For Choosing A Golf Car Rental Service

One way that you can make the most out of your vacation is by engaging in an activity that will keep you occupied. You do not have to be a golf enthusiast to appreciate what this recreational activity can offer. The summertime is the best time to engage in this type of activity and it will not be complete without renting a golf car. If you have not rented a golf car before, you might be filled with apprehensions.

Even if you travel on a budget, you can still rent a good golf cart. You just need to make sure that you make use of your research skills. This is why travelers are often advised to book in advance because this the only way to get great value for money. Here are tips you need to remember before renting a golf car:

  1. Research and check around

Once you arrive at your destination, you will notice that there are lots of golf car rental companies for you to choose from. The first step to take is to do your research so you will know which companies offer the best deals. You can get the best rate the longer you rent the golf car. The rate will vary from company to company so be sure to take your time to ask for their rental rates.

You might also want to read the terms and conditions. You can also try to negotiate if you think that the price is too high. There are many golf car rental companies you can consider but be sure to arrange a golf car before you arrive for you to get the car at a competitive price.

After you have secured a golf car, it is important that you know the road rules. Knowing how to drive your golf car is essential. Upon picking up the car, you will be given an overview of the proper way to drive a golf car. More often than not, the golf car has three gears: reverse, forward and neutral.

You need to make sure that the clutch is in the correct direction. You will hear a screeching sound if it is not. Driving a golf car is fun but you must do it with precaution as it can also be dangerous, especially if there are cyclists and pedestrians around.

  1. Prepare your driver’s license

While you may be driving your golf car for fun, you will still be required to be at least 18 years of age and should have a driver’s license. Traffic officers are also doing periodic registration and license checks.

You do not want your vacation to be ruined just because you fail to present the required documents. Before you travel or rent a golf car, you need to prepare these requirements so you can have some fun.

  1. Lock your golf car anytime

Most golf cars have the same ignition key. That said, you can easily start up the wrong car, which you do not want to happen. Avoid leaving it unattended by locking it all the time. Whether you are going to take a short break or buy something, make it a habit to lock your golf car. As they say, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Slowdown

If you are crossing or approaching speedbumps, be sure to take it slow. You can low a tire or a passenger if you are not careful to make it a point to keep an eye on your speed. If you are on the main streets, look for some signs and beware of speedbumps. Driving a golf car can be an exciting activity but when you are not mindful of your speed, you can meet an accident and turn your vacation into a disaster.

  1. Check “No Parking” Strips

Driving a golf car is like driving a regular car. You have to be aware of road rules so you do not end up meeting an accident or hurting someone. If you see a red “no parking” strip or sign, the rules still apply on golf cars. While in some cases, the paint or sign may be worn off, it is there for a good reason. If you still insist on parking a golf car on a no parking area, the traffic officer will immediately notice it and issue a ticket as you disobeyed their posted signs.

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