Beginners guide to styling modest clothes

What is modest fashion?

The recent influx of different socio- cultural groups and communities of women embracing fashion trends has led to the emergence of a line of clothing that identifies with different customs and norms of these communities making the fashion industry inclusive in the truest sense of the term. While the most prevalent misconception about modest fashion is that it has to necessarily be boring, dull and grandmotherly- the fashion industry is pulling out all stops to prove otherwise. Despite this being a very fast growing trend, modest fashion still is a niche industry serving only a very selected demographic of people. The main crux of this industry is to allow women to stay comfortably covered up, without compromising on the fashion part.

So, how does one incorporate modest fashion seamlessly into one’s wardrobe? Here are certain tips to help you to stay fashionably covered and comfortable.

  • Bohemian: This style of fashion and clothing is often associated with loose fitting clothes, with motifs and prints inspired by the gypsies and other hipster trends. This type of fashion can easily be used across the board by women of all shapes and sizes with pieces like ponchos and head wraps from flea markets or even by using latest abaya online shopping mostly with rustic busy prints on them.
  • Artsy: Show off your super creative side with clothes that reflect your colorful and unique fashion sense without being clumsy or garish. These could be printed clothes, or even loose fitting blazers and jackets with loose lowers, which are not only comfortable but also very fashionable and breezy. Team these up with quirky and comfortable footwear to up the ante on your fashion rivals.
  • Classic: Basically anything vintage is most likely to stay trendy for years and years to come. So, no one can go wrong with classic cuts, colors or forms. To add up cover on the classic garments, one can choose from medium or ankle length dresses with covered shoulders, or add a scarf or head gear or accessory to create an illusion of not showing too much skin. Even the very basic trousers with full sleeved blouses or shirts work really well for formal or informal event. Add to these closed toed shoes to complete the whole look which adds to the grace and charm of this fashion statement.
  • Exotic: When you think exotic, what comes to your mind is fun floral and summery. This type of fashion uses generous amounts of mix and match of colors and prints as well as textures without being too stark or bold. Exotic clothing includes uses of bandanas or body wraps along with long flowing summer dresses or even saggy textured pants from thrift stores as well as recently found stylist abayas online. The key to successfully carrying off this trend is using ample colors that remind you of summers and beaches as the likes.

The best thing about modest fashion is that it not only caters to social cultural needs of communities but also to the needs of women who aren’t comfortable in their own skins. Modest fashion makes the intimidating world of fashion more inclusive and welcoming to women around the globe.

I am Rajesh Kumar, an Indian blogger.

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