Brabus Treatment For Tesla S– Luxury Quotient Comes Redefined

The German customization and tuning company called Brabus has finally come ahead with its unveiling of the brand new Tesla S. Brabus is famous for its tuning and  customization offerings in Mercedes Benz series and have top notch skills into turning the performance of the car  by great leaps. Working on Tesla’s new model, Brabus seems to be taking a different stance here from earlier, thus working all the way on an electric driven vehicle. Tesla S required to be run by an electric motor which is quite a deviation from the conventional IC engines and hence it required Brabus to adopt an out of the box approach which shall increasingly enhance the performance of this high class sedan.

Now, as we know that, electric motors generally operate with only one moving part, it discourages any mechanical improvement being made. Brabus thought it over and decided to uniquely enhance the aspects which in turn shall affect the performance of the car as desired. They started off by smartly incorporating carbon fibre splitter reducing the typical aerodynamic drag and lift and then all the way to the rear spoiler. The other major enhancements include 21 inch alloy wheels that come in jet black colour along with a rear carbon fibre diffuser which has been redesigned for air intake that enhances the airflow as well.

On the insides we have extensive detailing with carbon fibre, leather, wood, alcantara along with a host of other luxury materials. The Tesla S also uniquely sports a supremely designed console  right at the centre which has a wireless charger along with scuff plates that boats an all illuminated Brabus logo and the cup holders comes with  cooling and heating functions too. Even after all this, Brabus has still managed to reach the benchmark of their tuning efforts without having to sacrifice on the performance part of a car.

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