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Know Your Content Writer Type And Which One Is Best For Your Business Requirements

It’s all the same for those who are unknown to the content writers and the different kinds of work they do. For individuals who know little about writing and their profession, they stay a mystery. A content writer and a copywriter may be in the same category for a common man.

A content writer can be writing in the simplest terms as the writing of written texts in a variety of forms such as articles, the content of websites, press releases, reviews, news and comments on blogs and forums. A content writer usually covers all kinds of Internet writings. However, as most online entrepreneurs and experts know, there are various aspects to everything in the globe.

This implies that a 500-word article can be written in a million distinct ways on a single topic by a content writer. This merely means that you have various methods of writing content and you have to know about content versions and variations to make fair use of it.

Let’s look at the various kinds of writers and their role in their activity.


  1. SEO copywriter/generalist- Content writer

They can be excellent options for significant, brief, conscious content that does not require much expertise. They show to be a perfect option for the content of dense magnitude, conciseness, and apprehension. As writing these requires no professional abilities, anybody could write generalist content in brief. That’s why it’s known as a copywriter generalist.

Although this work ethic is more extensively available, generalist writing assistance can typically be obtained for less than certain other kinds of writers, such as subject matter specialists. SEO copywriters are another level of generalists. At a minimum, copywriters from SEO understand how to incorporate target keywords and sentences into web copy to maximize the benefits of organic search and prevent penalties. SEO content writes an SEO article and gives his customers all privileges. The outcome is that the client can post this article or modified as he wishes.


  • Have the efficiency to harmonize keywords so that the required results can be achieved.
  • Extends search leverage supports and prevents penalties.
  • Help to create content to obtain better traffic placement.


  1. Journalistic Content writer

The writers who are a brand journalist are specialized in writing more extended subjects. In a brand magazine, this can be identified. Going through a brand magazine will assist you better comprehend the idea? The brand writers are a notable collection and brand story making. That’s how to suit the content published by the brand. These brand writers can cross a specific subject from different perspectives. So to crack away to write it in such a way that it captures every interested person’s eye.

  • Brand journalists are good at making headlines.
  • They can generate good marketing pieces of content.
  • They are quite useful in placing spotlighting content.
  • Effective in writing the history of organization, newspapers, etc.

Journalistic-style writers are capable of interviewing topics on longer-formed parts. Think of the articles you would see in a newspaper or magazine. This sort of writer is fantastic to find the tale and build stories (which suit the vision and mission of your brand). From distinct perspectives, they investigate a topic until they discover the human interest in it.

  1. Digital/UX writer – Content writer

Websites and apps of the present moment are collective residences. Unlike a printed ad placed on a billboard. It may include multiple screens, display pages, links, buttons, and various other actions that drive stuff that a user utilizes to communicate with on the page. It’s the correct location for the digital / UX writer to step in and complete the task.

  • Ability to comprehend complex virtual walking categories.
  • To assist people, they come decorated with strategies and tactics.
  • This will demonstrate a stronger comprehension of what it is and how it operates.
  • Ability to offer a professional touch to the websites.

They comprehend these more complicated types of digital journeys and have strategies and tactics to assist guide individuals through the journeys they want to take and how to guide individuals through the client’s journeys.

  1. Conversion rate optimization/lead generation Content writer

A lead generation writer focuses heavily on achieving action. They can frequently imbricate with a writer from the UX. The conversion writer’s primary focus is to create leads and create revenues. They often have specific analytics information, data, which expands assistance for making an impactful copy. They typically understand selling techniques and know-how to reduce sales hurdles, obstacles. The primary motivation is to drag the prospect client to a final sale.

Optimization of the conversion rate or lead generation writers is ideal for assignments such as:

  • They are an effective master of PPC ads creation.
  • Creating advertisements for banners.
  • Deploying and calling for action (CTA) landing pages.
  • Writing letters of sale

They generally have a deep understanding of information, analytics and psychology to help them write better copies. They usually comprehend methodologies for selling and know how to synthesize objections and sales barriers— making them a copy that helps prospective clients move closer to a sale.

  1. Subject Matter Expert – Content writer

A subject, the explanation also derives from the word. An expert on the subject is someone who retains the industry’s in-depth understanding and insight. So the specialist on the subject is well educated about what he will write. He has the right to begin writing about it with authority. Someone challenging to look for is a decorated (professional) subject specialist. The search for a specialist is comparatively rough compared to a general SME. But the catch here is if the project is well enough presented with actual details, then the SME will be in a good position to deliver on what has been promised.

The other leverage is their task line expertise. Considering one of a kind technique is the other way to get along with harmony, which is to lay hands on the concepts of the subject never crossed your mind.

An SME is a smart choice for rich content like:

  • Professional brief
  • Pillar blog posts or articles
  • Content producing leads (sales)
  • Period special content series
  • Detailed how-to content
  • E-books (Electronic book)
  • Whitepapers
  • Link-generating


  1. Social Media Content writer

The keyword here is social when we say the term “social media.” Writers in social media have a clear understanding of how content is scribbled over social media. In most other words, in some instances, how little interactions transform into discussions and lastly convert into activities. Social media writers are familiar with the perfect time when using hash tags, connections, and voluntary statements. They are experienced precisely how to deliver the content from one platform to another. While making the most of it, on the other side.


There is expertise in an effective social media writer. 

  • The excellent way to generate a social media audience and how to turn the tables to their favor if something goes wrong.
  • Ideal understanding and awareness of what is the perfect time to post on different platforms of social media.
  • This provides them the edge to understand the interaction in and out and to achieve the required feedback and answers.


  1. Advertising Copywriter and Content writer

The Advertising Copywriter steps in which time and space are restricted. They are so skilled that in the necessary timeframe, they tend to produce rich content. On the other side, they generate content that gets the most out of it and accumulates all in a brief and intense message.

Advertising Copywriter reframing everything on known topics at a distinctive angle.

They can be used in addition to conventional media to produce concise landing pages, homepages.

  1. Technical Content writer

As writers with skills in technical know-how, the technical writers can be better described. On the other side, they concentrate on scribbling technical content with a laser focus. The technique used by the technical writers to clarify some very complicated (hard) ideas is their USP, the distinctive manner, or in simpler phrases. They have mastered a sequential way of thinking. The client’s instruction to work accordingly is also an additional benefit.

  • Technical writers are perfect for
  • Writing manuals.
  • Technical knowledge of how it is.
  • Replying to FAQs.
  • Simplified guidelines


  1. Influencer Content writer

Humongous advantages to hiring an influencer writer. The greatest benefit is their ability to build the crowd for them. Whether the written material (content) is of nature that’s out of the box doesn’t matter. The influencer can turn the tables around with his collection of skills and abilities. With the influencer, the battle that seems to be lost can be earned. The influencers increase the accuracy in the fabrication of content. It can also enhance the person’s understanding of something to the individual.                                                                                         

It’s perfect for influencers

  • The influencers are supported by the potential to convince the readers.
  • Their connection with the individuals enhances the credibility of the influencer’s brand or organization.
  • Sometimes, because of the expertise in the predefined, they act as a subject matter expert in some cases.
  • The ability of influencers can be used to leverage the built-in content to increase potential.


  1. Grant Content writer

Grant writing is a predefined work with essentials out of the box. In addition to sharing stories, the grant writers also convince the crowd. The ability to mix random and sentimental feelings in a very structured way is what makes them stand out and stand apart from the crowd.


  • Since their writing has to fulfill the defined requirements and demands, they go down to the writing of the design.
  • Writing a small error here could harm the goodwill of the organization and prevent the likelihood of snagging a grant.
  • Effective grant writers are aligned systematically and in detail, that helps to gain recognition of grants.

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