Some Fun Activities To Lose Weight

Some Fun Activities To Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss everybody is focused in the same thing: optimal results without a lot of effort. Everybody wants to become skinnier, healthier and more toned without having to dedicate their entire lives to coming and going to the gym, and in fact most of our lifestyles can’t accomodate this kind of regime. Not only this, but there’s a clear difference between how much calories some work outs consume, depending on their intensity and how much they raise the heart rate; so it is clear some type of exercise ar more conductive to weight loss than others, so in this article we will explore which exercises are the most efficient when it comes to calorie consumption.

For starters, a disclaimer the exercise most conductive to weight loss is always going to be the one you can do in the regular, so to lose weight you should find a work out that you love doing: try out dance, try out running, try out lifting weights… eventually you are bound to find your favorite and once you do, you won’t want to stop, which is the best thing you can do for weight loss: a sustainable change in your lifestyle.

After that, when it comes to the most “bang for your buck” workout, that has to be jumping rope: while it is not “difficult” it is extremely demanding and it raises your heart rate a lot, which is great for weight loss. Your average person can use 200 to 300 calories for 15 minutes of skipping rope, which is 25% calories more than running! Also it can be learned by pretty much anyone and it increases your stamina by a lot, so it has many benefits other than using many calories. On the other hand, jumping rope is really demanding for your joints and it is not good for those people that have articulatory problems or those that are overweight, so ask your doctor if jumping rope is good for you

Another great option for weight loss is playing squash: incredibly fun to play and quite demanding, squash can help you use roughly 200 calories for 15 minutes of playing it.It is an activity that’s fun, extraneous and cheap so it is amazing to lose weight. Not only that but it is less conductive to articulatory damage than jumping rope, so it is great for those of us that are not in good shape; and it is conductive to many other benefits like better hand eye coordination, better stamina and endurance, better balance and reduced stress levels. Also you may go towards squash racquets buyer’s guide as well.

One of the most common exercises is swimming that is best sports for lose weight, but also any aquatic activity. Swimming will use roughly 300 calories for every 15 minutes of exercise. It is also extremely low impact, so it is specially good for people that have articulatory trouble or are really overweight. Due to the water resistance, the muscles have to work harder on water, so any activity done inside the water like aqua spinning, aqua-aerobics… will burn more calories than their non aquatic counterparts.

Last but not least, there is weight lifting. Weight lifting is not very high impact and it doesn’t raise the heartrate a lot, so it doesn’t burn too many calories: roughly 150 for every 15 minutes (of course, depending on how heavy are the weights you are lifting). However, there’s something special about weightlifting: it creates muscles, which consume more energy to maintain than fat. So while right away weightlifting is not super conductive to weight loss, it produces more long term results and it produces a more sustained weight loss, so it helps you stay at a reasonable weight and consume more calories just by existing thanks to increased muscle mass.

In conclusion, there are a lot of different sports that you should try for weight loss, because no matter what, the exercise that is going to help you lose weight the most is the one that you enjoy doing, and want to do on the regular; so try out a bunch of them to figure out what you like. However, weight loss is not the most important thing: always keep your health in mind, eat good food, get enough sleep and we can promise you are going to be looking and feeling better in no time at all!

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