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Exciting Match Between US And Argentina

People of Argentina finally take a deep breath. Argentina finally reaches the Copa Soccer final with a 4-0 victory against United States this Tuesday. Argentina was to score I the 3rd minute and it was a really nice victory for them. Next, the team is preparing to face the Winner semifinal match Chile played on Wednesday. On the other hand, US would play this Saturday’s match with a hope to achieve the third place in the Copa International. It’s worth mentioning that Lionel Messi from Argentina got a nice free kick with two assists revealing his real skills. Jürgen Klinsmann, the head coach of US said, “You saw tonight why they are the number one team in the world.”

Audience that day was able to catch a glimpse of Messi’s magic where he made a nice goal off a corner kick and too in the 3rd minute of the match. Ezequiel Lavezzi remained unmarked and Messi just revealed what he can do in real time. Brad Guzan, the US goalkeeper nodded the ball to an 1-0 lead and finally Argentina got the victory winning the match. Everyone at present is discussing about the goal by Messi on 32nd minute that was really a precious moment of the entire team. Messi faced a fowl from Chris Wondolowski and got a chance to get a free kick that turned as the golden opportunity for him. The ball crossed the US walls and got to the top left corner and Guan just got out his hands off the ball.

This one goal by Messi created a new history in Football and Argentina once again divulged their skills on the ground.  While he was on the way to third goal initially a challenge came from Guzan but he was able to mange using good tricks clearing the ball getting a big goal. Higuaín again scored the final goal for Argentina assisted by Messi during 86th minute of the match. Lavezzi again faced a scary moment when he fell off running behind the ball and got out of the bounds. Although he managed the situation and later he was taken off out of the ground in a stretcher.

The Americans tried their best but still it was really tough fight for them against Argentina. Michael Bradley, US Midfielder said, “You play against a good team and they make you pay.” Americans got the chance the possess the ball for only 33%  and were not able to manage a good shot. However, they played good on the second half though finally they were defeated by Argentina.

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