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Fears Break Out in Japan Due to Friday’s Upsetting Earthquake

Japan is again facing a high time due to a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 that hit Japan at 01:25 that’s 15:25 GMT (Friday). The centerpoint is at a depth of 10 Km (6 miles) in Kumamoto, which already faced an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on Thursday. Approximately 2,000 people got injured who were ad mitted to hospital for treatment among which 190 people are having serious condition according to government sources. Rescue mission is going on and sill people are trapped inside the large buildings and Yoshihide Suga, the Chief Cabinet Secretary said the recue team members are well aware about the multiple places where people who got buried under the buildings. A dam collapsed in a very bad way due to which an entire village was evacuated with a hope to save the precious lives.

The quakes on Thursday and Friday both were shallow and hit the city causing huge damages where roads, bridges, buildings, tunnels everything were collapsed taking away many lives. Landslides also were the dreadful ones that detached the mountain villages from connecting to the helplines seeking help. About 100,000 homes are now running out of power and approximately 400,000 homes are facing tremendous difficulty due to unavailability of water. Life has become a curse to them and they simply want to get rid of such difficult situation, finding rays of hope to survive.Japan earthquakes

Me Abe even revealed that the rain and wind have already started and they would become strongermaking the situation worse. To handle such situation about 20,000 troops were arranged who are working together with police and firefighters carrying out the rescue mission in the affected areas. Thousands of inhabitants came out and spent their nights outside in open streets and parks and their faces revealed the fears against nature. They were later rescued from those places and were shifted to rescue tents along with blankets and other essentials.

People are also alarmed of the upcoming storm that would again break out with flood and serious damages. So, everyone should remain in their shelters getting the maximum security that would make their lives a bit safe. The Mayor also asks people to get ready with buckets and containers to catch rainwater that would help someway to avoid excessive flood washing away the places. Among these negative things, there is a good news that Japan’s nuclear plant is not damaged that becomes a positive one helping the Japan citizens to have some confidence.

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