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Few Amazing Tips and Tricks to use Advanced Excel That Help You Get an Instant boost at Work

Apart from Windows, which is an OS Microsoft have even developed a software known as Microsoft Excel which is a boon for all the different people who are dealing with spreadsheets, calculations, and different things. Microsoft Excel is a part of Microsoft Office which includes some unique software which makes the day to day task of people quite quickly.

Using any software is not an easy task, and using the mouse for everything is quite a tedious job. Hence, you must acknowledge some of the tips and tricks for using the advanced Excel so that you can use the software with much perfection, and increase your overall productivity.


This function is used to search for a value in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is quite big and to search for a corresponding value for the value; then you can decide which value you want to return by specifying the column’s value.  Using VLOOKUP is quite easy, format being: =VLOOKUP (VALUE, ARRAY. COLUMN, RANGE) here in Value you have to enter the amount of string you want to search, and an array you have to enter the area you need to explore, and in the column you have to come the column you need return from.


This function is also used to search for the right element from the array of elements. Here we use the INDEX option via the format INDEX (array,n) here the nth value will be selected from the array and returned. The Match function returns the exact opposite of what INDEX does; the MATCH function can easily return the index of the value from the selected array. INDEX and MATCH separately are of almost no use, while if we use these two together, then we can get most out of these, and using these together leaves VLOOKUP quite behind.

3D Sum

When you need to add up things in a single sheet, we can use SUM while when we need to SUM in different sheets then we need something more than the SUM function which is 3D SUM. Let us first look at the Syntax:  SUM(‘Name 1: Name 8’ !B2) Here the Name 1 to Name 8 is different spreadsheets and there is a value in each worksheet at B2, this function will give you the sum of each value in the array of the spreadsheet on the said cell.

This is one of the simplest tools in Excel. If you want to use the same formula repeatedly then using the dollar sign is one of the best options for you. The $ sign tells the Excel program to not to increase the row or the number when you are dragging to use the same formula for sometimes, in some rows. This locks merely the rows or columns depending on the dollar sign.

This is another simple function which does the same thing as it does in real life. It concatenates the different cell values. If you have changed strings in separate cells, then it will concatenate if you use it between the cells.


Arrays and matrices have some operations that can be performed on them, and due to a high number of activities available, there are many which are kind of complicated than other formulas. We can multiply two arrays by merely using the MMULT() function, this function also has a hidden trick, if you need to perform this operation then you have to press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER whole on Mac you have to do COMMAND + SHIFT + ENTER. Just the enter function doesn’t work on this array function.

Goal Seek

This function is the most essential function for any consultant and forecasters and different consultants. The Goal Seek function will help you to get the future goal which lets the consultants, optimizers and other forecasters to see what exact strategy they have to follow to do so. You can find the Goal Seek function in the Tools drop-down the list, and Excel will calculate all the values you need to vary.

Here you have to select two cell, the first cell will be whose value needs to be changed, and the second cell is the one on which the final value is dependent. This is not just used for simple operations, but with time you will get to know how to use it to get the complicated results from this function. If you have still issue, you should join any reputed institute, which can provide ms advanced excel training.

Pivot Tables

Having a table filled with big data, you need to see plainly, here you will need Pivot table, it will merely merge the things and will show you in a much better-layered manner with which you will be able to understand things quickly. Pivot tables option is also found under tools, and you will get the tables sorted into an easy to understand one. At first, Excel will do most of the job for you      , but you can also use the Pivot Table Builder to customize the table to your need.


If you are using more than one excel spreadsheet then you will need to move again and again between the spreadsheet, this handy Windows tool will help you the most by simply pressing CTRL + TAB you can move between those, although this is not an EXCEL trick but will do save your time.

Transforming Case of Text

You can quickly convert the case of the text from Lower to Upper and in such manner, by merely using UPPER (Cell Number) and this will transfer the case, same can be used with LOWER (Cell Number)

Final Verdict

With these tips, you can quickly master using one of the best programs in the world which are the Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel has much more different hidden functions which you can efficiently use, and it will help you to decide on most of the things quickly. Mostly these tips and tricks will help you to get expertise in Excel, and you will be able to use your analytical skills much better.

Author Bio- The author has vast experience in advanced excel. He is working for Talent Magnifier, which is one of the best Microsoft advanced excel training institute in Delhi.

I am Rajesh Kumar, an Indian blogger.

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