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4 Cleaning Habits That Could Damage a Home

Cleaning is a necessity. Most of us find it hard to relax whilst being surrounded by piles of dirty dishes and laundry. Having a healthy set of cleaning habits is definitely something praise worthy, but not everything we do around the house has positive repercussions on us and our homes. We all know that balance is something ridiculously hard to achieve, no matter what we do. Still, in terms of tidying up, we have to be aware when too much is actually too much. Having said it, here are 4 cleaning habits you should by no means embrace, because they could end up damaging your home.


Have you ever asked yourself the question, is bleach bad for me? In case you did not know, bleach is actually extremely dangerous to be exposed to. Truthfully, bleach is one of the most corrosive chemicals you can find. Regardless of that, you could still find it in almost every household you visit, and it can be bought in the market next door. Mostly, we use bleach to clean our bathrooms, simply because we are used to. We are used to thinking that it is very effective when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. You want the truth? Disinfecting, sure. Bleach does a great job when it comes to that. However, it does not do a good job cleaning. We implore you to read a little bit more about the hazardous properties of bleach, and beg you to settle on some, more natural substances that you will utilize when cleaning. For example, white vinegar is extraordinarily useful! It can be used for cleaning microwaves, toilet bowls, and even wooden floors! Why not give it a shot? Vinegar will not leave you coughing and with skin damage. Wait no more. Vinegar is the way to go!


If you continue scrubbing it day in and day out, it will not be able to see anything anymore. We know that it is very unnerving to see you mirror riddled with finger marks and all kinds of different stains on it. We agree, you should do something about it. Still, try to make sure you do not do it too often. It may have not crossed your mind that scrubbing it regularly with those toxic mirror cleaners could be bad for a piece of glass, but the truth is, it is. Sometimes, constant and extreme humidity to which the glass is exposed can end up damaging the back side of the mirror, causing it to start peeling off. However, our advice would be to use natural cleaning products, and to try to calm your nerves down in order to prevent yourself from overdoing something that could end up having serious repercussions to your household. Next time you decide to clean your mirror, make a mixture of white vinegar and distilled water. They make a hell of a combination for that purpose.


Don’t you just simply love it when your floors are shining as bright as the sun? We agree, it is a pretty remarkable sight to behold. However, let us remind you again about the importance of being moderate in your cleaning habits. If you did not know it before, wood is highly sensitive in contact with water. So, if you are used to extensive cleaning routines which involve soaking your hardwood floors wet with water, we think it would be smart to take a step back before it’s too late. The water percolates through those tiny cracks in the wood, which consequently increases the risk of potential decay (alert, mold grow is also highly likely). Mixing white vinegar with water is a perfect solution for keeping your wooden floors sparkling. So, if there is one lesson to be learnt here, it is that you should make sure your floors are dry most of the time. Be moderate with your cleaning, but be ferocious when it comes to drying.


Dealing with carpet stains can be a pretty stressful business, we know. The problem we have with this topic is that we are wrongly taught about how to deal with them properly. Most of us think that scrubbing really hard will somehow solve the problem with no residual consequences. In fact, the more you scrub, the more damage is being done to your carpet’s fibers. So, instead of that, using baking soda is a great solution to get rid of all kinds of stains. If the stain is fresh and moist, just pour some baking soda over it, leave it to rest for an hour, and by the time you get back to it, the soda will have absorbed the moist stain. The only thing left to do in that scenario, is to bring out your vacuum cleaner and pick up the baking soda from your carpet. It is a simple, but extremely effective way for dealing with your carpets. If you mix the baking soda with some essential oils, and spread that mixture all across your carpet (and vacuum it afterwards), we guarantee you will have a very clean and fragrant fabric beneath your feet.

Everything in our lives that we wish to do requires to be followed with an appropriate amount of education that will allow us to do that particular thing with a decreased margin of error. We all make mistakes as we go along different walks of life, and that is just something we as people have to face. Messing up is completely normal and understandable. So, if you have made some of the aforementioned mistakes before, it is ok, no shame should arise from it, but be wise enough, now that you are educated, not to make those mistakes again. Additionally, it is also perfectly acceptable not wanting to be bothered with these issues, and if that is the case in point, hiring someone experienced and reliable who can deal with those issues for you, should be a viable option too. Helpling.co.uk can provide you with an adequate solution. Go on, it is just one click away!

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