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Five Ways To Look Fashionable When You Are Expecting

Most women can’t bear the thought of maternity shopping. They shudder at the thought of buying the most unattractive clothes in large sizes. Because that is what most stores have got to offer. Not any longer because you can mix and match, use your fashion sense to look chic and stylish even when you are expecting a baby.

Here are some tips to look amazing when you are pregnant –

Slim fit –

In your first trimester, you will not be having a large bump which will allow you to still wear all your slim fit dresses. Also, you can wear them through your pregnancy if you do not mind flaunting your baby bump. The slim fit maxi dresses are after all, the most comfortable clothes that you can ever wear in your pregnancy. They are stylish and classic. You will just have to pair them with a jacket or a cardigan. Wear flip flops or wedges to look every ounce of awesome.

Leggings and tunic tops –

The leggings are comfortable to stay in, especially if you do not get a chance to change all day long. The leggings are stretchable and super comfy. They go well with just about any type of tops, tunics or t shirts. You can pull over a long trench coat or a jacket if you are going out. You can also combine Indian maternity wear tops on the leggings and that will look super cool too.

Jeans –

Nowhere has it been told that you cannot wear a pair of jeans when you are pregnant. You can wear your pants all through your pregnancy. Just make sure that you wear loose or comfortable ones. Do not tie a belt tightly around your belly or wear tight jeans on the bump. Wear them above or below the bump to keep the baby safe. The jeans can go well with any of your tops. Long tunic tops if you are not comfortable with your growing body, or short sleeveless tops if you want to look sensuous. Wear chunky jewelry and a pair of comfortable peep toes and you are ready to attend any party in the town.

Gowns –

To any formal occasions, you can wear a beautiful gown which will look absolutely stunning. A sequined and embellished gown will look classy and decent with diamond and pearls as accessories. You can wear flats with the gown because the footwear will not be visible. Gowns are very appropriate maternity dress occasion wear.

Jumpsuits –

If you want to look fun and young, you can wear a jumpsuit when you are pregnant. The jumpsuit will have to be loose or properly fit. It will enhance your bump and make it look prominent. So, if you want to look pregnant, then you wear it. Also, a jump suit will cover your bump and support it. It is sort of a comfortable wear when you are walking around the city or going out for a brunch with friends. Wear comfortable sneakers to complete the look. No jewelry is needed for this modern look.

Maternity fashion is no rocket science. All you need is to look comfortable and confident in whatever you wear.

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