How do you recycle tyres without harming the ecosystem?

If you spent a fortune to get premium quality and high performance tyres in Dubai, personal and financial attachment is much expected. Even with all the care basics and maintenance rules, tyres do wear out on completing their lifecycle.

Most of the latest tyres in Dubai come with tread-wear indicators to alert a drive when treads are worn down to the defined limit. A simple coin test on the contrary may be performed to check the tread ratings if they’re to the mark.

The real question here is; what to do with old tyres that have served their life! You can turn them into creative planters by sticking them in the backyard, just dump them out in the open to degrade and harm the ecosystem, burn them and let the dangerous toxins pollute the air.

Of course not as all such steps are against the law and traits of a good citizen so you don’t want to do any of this! There’re however responsible ways to dispose old and worn tyres through recycling. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency EPA conducted a research that concluded Americans wear out approximately 300 million tyres per annum and recycle more or less 250 million.

Recycling tyres in Dubai is easy as well. Just go through the details below and proceed accordingly!

Tyre salvaging centres

Many tyre dealers nowadays provide special recycling service in exchange to a new pair for a fee that’s hardly $5 to salvage. If a retailer isn’t taking the tyres in Dubai to salvage, local county or municipal government would definitely help you out with this.

In modern and developed countries or cities just like Dubai, there’re special days to pick salvaged tyres left out in the open. There’re waste stations as well that accept tyres for recycling. You can easily find the information on local government’s official website.

If you’ve a collection of old and degraded tyres on the property, your neighbours are likely to contact a recycling company to haul the wasted rubber away safely. Certain companies pick to be salvaged tyres in Dubai, remarket them to other firms. The rubber can be reused for various production purposes without harming the ecosystem.

The old tyres at a recycle centre or retailer ends up at a commercial reprocessing plant where they’re exposed to various chemicals that break them down into reusable material.


A few recycling plants execute a process known as Devulcanisation which is breaking down and removal of sulphur added to the rubber compound during initial production of the tyres in Dubai to harden the wheels. The final result is reclaimed rubber which is cheaper than the original compound however, it may lack in flexibility and strength. This is further processed through a mechanical grinder. The compound at times is frozen first by exposing it to liquid nitrogen that makes the rubber brittle that can be easily grounded into fine powder.


The above information defines how tyres in Dubai can be recycled without bringing harm to the ecology.

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