How to open a savings account online or offline?

As we know, saving accounts hold your money securely at the low-interest rates. A lot of banks in India offer savings account facilities. Also, there are two methods to open your savings account online or offline. If you do not know the process of opening a savings account with the help of online or offline methods, read the complete article. It will give you an easy guide for both online and offline methods.

How to open a savings account online?

It is the best method when you want to open a savings account online. Follow the given step to open your savings account online.

  • Explore the many banks on the internet and check their interest rate on saving account that fulfils your requirements
  • Now select the type of the saving account
  • Go to the official portal of the bank where you want to register yourself for the savings account
  • Complete the application form of the saving account by scanning the documents and attached with it
  • Then submit the application form with scanned documents on the portal.
  • Then the bank takes some time to verify your information.
  • Finally, you can easily get your savings account.

How to open a savings account offline?

If you do not agree to open a savings account online or do not have access to an Internet connection, do not worry. You can easily open a savings account offline. The steps to open a savings account offline are:

  • Analyse the interest rate of the various bank and compare them. You should choose the bank that meets your requirements to open a savings account.
  • Then select the savings account that you want to open.
  • Take the documents for identity proof, address proof, income proof, and employment proof with you and go to the nearest branch of your bank.
  • When you reach your nearest bank branch with these documents, submit these documents with the application form.
  • It is required to fill out the application form with your details and attach the document before submitting it.
  • In this way, you make your registration successful by saving an account via the offline method.


As we told you, the savings account is the bank and financial institutions’ account services that permit you to store your money or funds safely with every interest made on your deposits. It concludes that there is a high need to open a saving account for everyone to deposit their funds in their account. You can easily earn a good return on your investments with the help of a savings account. If you want to use the money in the future, you can easily withdraw it from your savings account. You can also easily move the fund out from the savings account. We suggest you choose wisely the savings account if you want to earn high-interest rates.

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