How to Organize Your Chest Freezer

If you’re like me, you like everything perfectly organized in a specific order so you can have a good night’s sleep. There’s nothing better than organizing items in the fridge, the closet, etc.  But, sometimes organizing certain places can be overwhelming; nothing you do seems ‘perfect’ enough. For me, it definitely has to be the chest freezer because how can you fit so many things in a small area? As soon as I found the answer, I decided to share it with you. So, here’s how to organize your chest freezer.

What to Consider Before Organizing?

Chest freezers differ from one to the other; that’s why you should consider the following before purchasing one:

  1. The size of your chest freezer
  2. The capacity of your chest freezer
  3. The features

How to Organize Your Chest Freezer?

Categorize, Organize, & Enjoy!

The first step to take when organizing your chest freezer is creating different categories and adding the items into each one. An example can be, organizing them into different frozen food categories like meat, frozen veggies, etc.

Think Inside a Box: Get Storage Bins

If you’re an organization freak, you probably use storage bins for, well, EVERYTHING. Use the storage bins to place each category in one in an organized way. Storage bins don’t have to match, but if they do, it’ll comfort your eye and mind.

Of course, there are other products you can use like boxes, bags, magazine holders or anything else.

The Bin Layers

How will you add the bins to your chest freezer? The answer is simple, layers, layers, and more layers. Here’s how you can do it:

Depending on the size of your chest freezer, place one or two storage bins at the bottom of the freezer. Afterward, place the second storage bin on top and so on. Told you there are a lot of layers, but this helps making it easier for you to add and remove products by simply removing one layer.  Keep in mind to place frequently grabbed items on top and the least used ones at the bottom to make it easier for you.

An Inventory Map is Always a Good Idea

Keeping an inventory map to keep track of the products and where they’re located can be helpful. Instead of removing all products to find what you need, you can write down how they’re organized and where you can find the product.

Put a Label On It

You can always label products, especially if you’re doing meal planning. Adding labels to each bag or each bin would help to look for the product you need.

At the end of the day, a chest freezer is essential if you buy products in bulk and help keep things organized. If you want to keep it organized, the easiest way is to organize items into categories and then replacing them in different storage bins.

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