How to Plan Your Wedding Budget

In a casual discussion among friends, somebody once casually pointed out that organizing a wedding simply means spending your two years of salary at once. In fact, if we compare statically, a wedding can cost more than the births of children, paying the down payment of a house, purchasing first car and organizing the funerals. Even for the students who receive scholarship, their four year of education would probably cost less than organizing one-day wedding event!

But don’t worry! Even if you don’t have lacs to spend on your wedding, you can still have a fun and memorable event while being on the budget at the same time. Here are some of the ways by P5creations a wedding planner in Jaipur to do exactly that.

Think About the Kind of Wedding You Wish to Have

It’s time to explore all the options and consider everything from a low budget option to the most expensive one. Here are a few areas that you would like to consider before preparing your budget:

Wedding Venue

That is probably the first thing you decide once you finalize that you are getting married. Though wedding venues can you quite costly, if you just book it in advance (at least 6 months before the date) you can save on a lot of money. Also, see that whether your wedding date coincide with any major festival like Valentine’s Day or Christmas because at that time the demand for wedding venues would be more, hence increasing your budget.

Wedding Photographer

While you won’t get to experience every aspect of your wedding being at the center stage, you would definitely want to ensure that you have memories of your special day to keep with yourself, which could be quite expensive considering the technological advancement and trends in wedding photography. It’s best to look for somebody who is just starting off in his career while planning your budget.

Wedding Decorations

Decide what kind of decoration you would prefer for your wedding venue – whether you would want to go for complete flower set up and what kind of lightening would you prefer at your wedding. These decisions if taken in advance would leave you with considerable amount of time to explore the market and get everything at best rates.

Wedding Dress

Whether you want to get something customized straight out of your favorite fashion magazine or you would go for something ready to wear? Are you planning to purchase your wedding dress or hire it on rent? These are a few things that would affect your budget, and also from where are you planning to purchase or whom are you hiring to tailor-made the dress for you.

Prioritize Your Preferences

Choose any three things that would top your wedding arrangement list and which would probably be the most memorable part of your special day. It could be anything: food, live music, decorations, gifts for guests, an open bar or a creative photographer. Just make sure that you are keeping your guests as well as your own preferences in consideration while choosing where you will be spending lavishly and where you can cut down on your expenses.

Final Thoughts…

Whatever you do, however you plan your wedding just ensure that you are keeping it all read. Evaluate and revaluate all your plans and have a budget breakdown including each and every element that would complete your day. Or best! Just hire a wedding planner and they would know perfectly how to help you out while planning your wedding budget.

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