How to Save Money at Your Indian Wedding?

India is the country where about 10 million weddings take place every year, and this is one of the reasons it claims to have the 2nd largest marriage industry (approx. $40–50 billion in size) after the USA with $70 billion in size. There can be several reasons for an expensive wedding i.e. – hundreds of food items, uncountable guests, week-long parties, numerous function venues, etc. Due to these extended functions and excessive purchasing, this great occasion sometimes becomes a lavish fun party instead of a pious ceremony of human life. No doubt, everyone has a right to celebrate their weddings as they desire, yet it is essential to manage things within a fair budget preserving the auspiciousness of the ritual. So, a wedding couple or their families don’t have to face any financial crises, grudging of relatives, and rebel of society, management issues and such other troubles before, during and after the wedding.

Some ways make a wedding memorable, majestic, and most importantly -inexpensive. These virtuous techniques would be convenient and acceptable by all classes of people in the society who dream to have a budget-friendly glorious marriage. Let us have a look:

Choose a venue carefully

A wedding venue is a place that reflects the taste, style, and status of a bride and groom. Hence, it is important to choose it appropriately. It should not only showcase the splendour of the interiors but should also beautifully exhibit the dignity and prestige of couple’s families without any extravagance. In this matter, you can also take advice from the best wedding planner in Chandigarh or other metro cities in India. They work closely with you right from the beginning to the end of a marriage and take all your worries related to the event.

You can also choose a single venue to organize marriage, reception, and other parties. This will save your money and time on the extra expenses of catering, decorations, food, traveling charges of vendors, etc. Discuss your budget with different event planners and determine a venue that best suits your pocket and goals.

Make guest list wisely

As you know the major part of a wedding ceremony encompasses taking care of the guests and relatives of the couple. Their excessive number can not only increase the management load of their comfort and safety but also rises the amount of total cost. So, it is better to make a list of your guests carefully and review it again. As less the number of kith and kin so less the amount of budget and management issues will be there.

Host pre-wedding religious ceremonies at home 

There are lots of rituals and customs before the day of an Indian traditional wedding. The main purpose of these rites is to make the bride and bridegroom realize the sacredness, dignity, and importance of this great ceremony. As these customs are simple though potent can be performed without extra resources, you can arrange them in your house or friend’s place easily. This will save your money on the booking of a resort, hotel, or palace including the expenditures on catering.

Hire a wedding planner

As most of the people in big and small cities search for an option of getting assistance for such functions, hiring a wedding organizer can be a good idea. Apart from advising you in various matters of wedding planning and organizing, they also assist you in taking the right decisions at the right time. You can put your faith in them for hiring vendors, choosing venues, purchasing items, calling musicians, and other wedding related services. Due to their long experience in this field, they know where and how to get the best services suiting your budget and dreams.

Save money on purchasing items and hiring services

From clothes to jewellery and music to decoration, there are various types of purchasing and services required in a wedding. Many of them are hard to cut down from a shopping list. Yet several things can be left easily without affecting the main function. To balance the overall budget, reduce the number of dresses, ornaments, flowers, decorative items, and even band services. Pay more attention to the quality of services instead of just quantity and variety. Hire a single hotel near the wedding place for the accommodation of guests instead of searching for various resorts in different areas of the city.

Apart from these, it is also good to spend reasonably on decorative items, DJ, videography, etc. as they are temporary or less worthy for the wedding couple’s future life. The total cost of the wedding depends upon the amount of money you possess and how much you are ready to spend on the main function alone. It is better to calculate all the expenses before a few months of a wedding and determine your budget carefully. Remember, your marriage should be a magnificent and memorable experience for you without any financial burden or troublesome affairs.

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