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How to stay away from negative SEO

The internet is a crowded place. You see all types of people on internet these days. Most of them are unnecessary and unwanted. That is the main reason why people are cautious when clicking on links and websites. They only trust the sites that are top on their search engine lists. To remain on the top of the search engine, businesses use SEO. While SEO is good most of the times, it can also be harmful in certain ways.

Many unethical companies believe more in putting down other companies than improving their own. For such people, negative SEO is more important than their company’s SEO. You must beware because your competitors can make you a victim of negative SEO.

What is negative SEO –

When an unethical company cannot digest your business’s success, it stoops to a level of defaming your company online. It uses several tactics to achieve this goal be it scraping your content, posting your content, building several links for your site from phony websites.

What is the goal of negative SEO –

The reason of negative SEO is to bring down your ranking in the search engine results. This way, they will be elevating their ranking on the search engines.

How can you recognize negative SEO –

  • Most of the tactics used for negative SEO are upright such as spamming your site, hacking your website and so on. These can be handled professionally by the best SEO Company in India.
  • Another way in which they spread negativity is publishing fake reviews. So be active on your website and other social media platforms where you have your company’s accounts. Whenever you see something negative written about your company, verify the user who has written it and communicate with them. Try and sort out their problem. If the account of the person who wrote the review is fake, please inform the authority immediately. They will deactivate the fake account.
  • Always keep an eye on your website’s links. Regular monitoring of your link profile can prevent any negative situation.  The website analytics must show a normal graph with gradual increase in backlinks and linking domains. Any sudden increase or decrease that you had not planned must be verified immediately.
  • Keep an eye on the contents of your site, blog and media platform accounts. If something that you have not published is out there, immediately complain to the authority.
  • Also keep a watch on the links in your content. They can post spam links that land you in your competitor’s page by clicking on it. So, avoid such spam links.
  • One more important thing to be alert is how fast your website is. Sometimes, your website loading may be slowed down on purpose. Keep a tab on how fast you can click through pages inside your site. It may be due to virus, spam or negative SEO. Being alert is important to rectify these problems immediately.

Hiring an affordable SEO services India will come in handy in not only improving your online presence, but also keeping you away from the negative SEO that is a threat to your company’s development.

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