Impeccable Events In Europe Those You Must Visit!

Europe is the favourite holiday destination of people worldwide and this fact is supported by evidence that number of tourists are increasing rapidly in past decade. If you want to visit Europe and want to witness best european events happening in europe then you should read this article very carefully as we have included top rated and must visit events in our list. We have done extensive research and only included top-rated and best european events happening in europe. We promise that you will have impeccable travelling experience by becoming part of these events.

Here are events those you should include in your wish-list and these are –

  1. Art Basel You should include this event in your holiday list as it is ideal stage where world’s best modern and contemporary artists show their skills and creativity. It is held each year in the Basel city, Miami Beach and Hong Kong. This event was founded in 1970 and since then it has been proven worthwhile effort to provide artists a nurturing environment where they can develop and perform visual art skills.
  2. Oktoberfest – If you love horse racing then you should visit this century old event that was firstly held as part of the wedding festivities of Bavarian King Ludwig I. and queen Theresie. Since 1810, this event has faced changes and become into event that we know as Oktoberfest. This is no long a race and become event where you can enjoy fun rides and drink variety of beers.
  3. International Kite Festival – It is ideal place to visit with your family and enjoy kite flying together. If you are expert in flying kites then you can compete with the thousands of international, national and local participants in this event.
  4. Stockholm Pride – It is perfect place where you can witness thousands of people are contributing to create one of its kind of parade. The motto of this event is that we all are a big family and we should participate together to share our love.
  5. Carnival of Venice – Most of the people will know that Venice is the most romantic city of the world but do you know that Carnival of Venice is also similarly popular among tourists. This carnival includes fairy tales characters such as mysterious animals, mountains, lagoons, seas and so on.
  6. Tour de France – It is one of the elite sporting event that is known for extreme challenges where participants travel more than 2500 km on their cycle. There is fine line between genius and insanity and this extreme challenge stand right between these lines.
  7. La Tomatina – It is mass tomato battle that started among the children in 1945 and later become ideal event for both kids and adults. It is held in the last Wednesday in every August in the Buñol Town. Numerous people visit this town every year especially to participate in this festival.

Hence, if you are thinking to visit Europe then you should schedule your visit according to these festivals. Surely, you will create ideal memories in your holidays by becoming part of these events. So, add these events in your wish lists right now!

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