How to Stop Chucking in Cricket?

If you have never been into the cricket world, you likely won’t know what chucking is and how it works. Just to be clear, chucking is not legal in cricket and can end up bringing a lot of consequences for the players. Throwing the ball or chucking it is illegal under the laws of cricket.

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing the real cricket or on the cricket apps, chucking is not allowed and in case you witness the same, you must nip it from the bud.

What is Chucking?

Before we explain the ways to stop chucking, you must learn what it is. Chucking is a bowling technique with a straight hand.

For a bowling session to be qualified as legal in professional cricket, one needs to bend their arms up to 15 degrees for a clear shot. This is what makes and breaks the situation.

If the ball is “thrown” straight, the same can even end up making the young cricketer banned from bowling further.

How to Stop Chucking?

This is an acquired habit, so if a young player is exhibiting similar approaches, it is a lot easier for them to correct the posture in comparison to the ones who have done it for years now.

There is a process known as Kinaesthetic Chaining, which can effectively help change that for good.

Here’s what the process involves.

Strip it down

For this, the first step is to take everything away from the bowler. The only thing you need to keep around is the batsman, net, ball, run-up field, and the stumps. Once the bowler has the ball in their hand, they can start by bowling from a standing position.

Understand the feel

The next thing you need to do is understand the feelings involved. Start by doing so without the ball in hand and follow it up with the ball next. It is extremely important to focus on the posture of the bowler, keeping their head, shoulder, foot, and hip position in check.

Pick up the ball

Once you have built the feel, the next step is to reintroduce the ball into the action. Start with the standing position and then make your way to the walking position gradually. When the release is ready, you can start jogging through.

Final release

When the ball is in the hands and the process and posture stands corrected, it becomes a lot easier to bring the bowler up to the full run up and then release the ball as per the guidelines. This is where the coach needs to step up and explain the techniques.

Practicing the process of Kinaesthetic Chaining is extremely rewarding for the players who have a hard time correcting their chucking in cricket. The process is a lot less complicated and requires a few polishing and reenforcing to get the best results. The process does take some time, so you do need to keep a check on the practice. Do it regularly until the problem is fixed.

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