How you can buy drift tyres with coloured smoke?

One of the fastest growing automotive sports around the world is drifting. It evolved from the mountains of Japan in the early 1970s and soon spread all over the globe, winning millions of fans and enthusiasts. Drifting refers to the ability of a driver to over steer or manoeuvre car through sharp turns, allowing the rear wheels to slide in counter direction of travel. Drift tyres release massive amount of smoke and adding more flair to the sport is coloured wheels being the hottest trends in the drifting world. Check out the buying details below!

How to buy drift tyres with coloured smoke?

  • Determine the style of tyres you prefer for the car. As drift tyres are designed specifically for varying grip levels depending on the road surface, better choose a pair that give optimum output on the track flawlessly.
  • Read the vehicle’s manual and tyre details to determine the appropriate size. Most drifting tyres come in a range of different size from 15 to 18-inches, readily available to fit almost any vehicle. Red is among the most favourite drifting colour that come in nearly all sizes followed by yellow and blue however, the latter two are hard to find.
  • To get the best deal on drift tyres, contact a distributor to streamline your search right from the start. The coloured line is the hottest trend in market that may cost more or less a thousand dollars per set so you better research and shop for the lowest available price. If the usually tyre shop in your neighbourhood doesn’t have the product, they’ definitely recommend an outlet where you can easily find a pair.
  • Always take the tyres to a reputable vehicle shop for appropriate mounting on the rims. Note that coloured drift tyres aren’t for routine driving so do have an extra set of rims available for the newly purchased set.
  • Your tyre technician would gladly and safely remove the old tyres and mount the coloured ones appropriately using specialised tools like a large mechanical tyre changer. State-of-the-art tyre facilities also happen to have advance machinery and computerised system that not only helps in mounting the tyres but perform safety checks and other necessary tests before you hit the road.
  • When arriving at the track, only then replace the existing standard tyres with coloured drifters as they’re to be used on race tracks. Since these aren’t made for usual street driving, doing so deliberately would leave a sticky and coloured mess on the vehicle, not to mention tyre tracks on clear roads that may raise some law concerns as well.
  • Before the coloured smoke shows up, the drift tyres require a little warm-up so don’t forget making a few preliminary passes to woo the crowd.

Tips & precautions

  • Be sure to wash vehicle’s undercarriage as soon as the race or motor show is finished to prevent streaks of coloured residue from permanently staining your vehicle.
  • Coloured streaks are hard to clean off so let a professional carry out the task with a good body polish of the entire car.


Mounting improper drift tyres on the vehicle can be dangerous to both the car and yourself so do understand the above details.

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