Important Ways To Beat Over A DUI Conviction

Much is on the line when a police officer stops a driver in his/her vehicle. What happens after, minute by minute, can have lasting legal effects should the incident escalate into a formal charge. Before things get too complicated where a judge and a jury will have to untangle the mess, it helps to have a few key points in mind to reduce the odds of a conviction.

Know Your Rights

This cannot be overstated enough. Everything that is said and done upon being stopped by an officer can and will be used to establish a case against the driver. For this reason, the first and foremost right that one must remain silent. A driver can’t incriminate themselves if they don’t say anything, period.

Sobriety tests are not required to be taken

It is an established constitutional right that one doesn’t have to comply with every task or test being administered on the spot by a police officer in the event of a suspected DUI. One can freely give their name and vehicle information, but anything beyond that is constitutionally protected.

Have a right to legal representation.

In the event of the worst taking place after some unwise decisions, when an arrest has happened, and charges are imminent, having the right to a lawyer to ensure every right is respected will prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. It helps to invoke this right as soon as an arrest is made.

No matter the facts of the events that led to a DUI arrest, it doesn’t necessarily have to result in a conviction. With the aforementioned tips, one can beat a DUI conviction from ever happening to begin with. Following a few key pointers will ensure that a bad situation becomes worse.

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