Law Enforcement Bureau with smartphone privacy and iPhones

Encryption is a reversible process of disarranging data on smartphones or other devices as a mean of protection, so that no one can try to read the data properly. As per the latest news, there was a debate over encryption of smartphone data and smartphone apps. Although Apple is competing with FBI on these issues, however, on Friday, India said that robust encryption technology is truly a difficult task for the Law Enforcement Bureau.

Somewhat in the middle of February, related to some shooter case, Apple refused to assist FBI in decrypting an iPhone data which produces huge publicity as well as controversies. But later on Apple made a response with a 65-motion page.Now-a-days forensic department have developed new mobile tools to encrypt the data and thereby smartly handling smartphones including Apple iPhones. As per court order, FBI has forced Apple Inc. to remove the security of data from iPhone 5C. But the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook in 60-minute interview desperately answered that today every people keeps their personal information related to health, finance, business policies or some intimate conversations between their family members, etc. either in their smartphone or iPhone and the only way to secure all these is the encryption technology. King-sized technologies like Google, Facebook, Apple is also maintaining digital privacy by the encryption method and therefore is against unlocking or decrypting.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the telecom minister replied in front of Rajya Sabha that smartphone companies including Apple Incorporation have made a strong encryption technology software to protect data and communications. This technology is therefore itself is a challenge for the global Law Enforcement Agencies including India. He also said that the government is going through the media report regarding the conflict between Apple and U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Law Enforcement Bureau is in Great Trouble With Security Privacy in Smartphone and iPhone Devices.

Regarding this challenge complication, Minister Prasad commented that a huge discussion is going on between the government and all the stakeholders of the country about this technical problem with solution and most importantly considering the security service, protection laws and development requirement of the nation.

He said the research and development team of the government is also working hard to update the old tools and software and also coming up with new ideas along with innovative development technologies mainly for smartphones and other devices.

As the encryption technology is so good and the problem related to this is so vast; hence cracking this technology or decrypting the data has become very much even for the smartphone manufacturers that the law enforcement authorizes of U.S.A. wants a back ways method against this giant problem. But Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad however in a media conference refused to admit that there is absolutely no government proposal about any back gate or smart key for smartphone encryption technology.

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